Oakley Thump

Oakley Thump

Oakley Thump is really made for the music lover fashionista and it is the first digital music eyewear. You could now say, “œLook Mom, no wires!” as you go around and show off your newest gadget which is a plus factor in their design. However, you may be forced not to use your Oakley Thump when you go bar hopping to impress the girls with it unless you would want to look like a cyborg from a different universe.

Controls for playback control (at the right ear stem) and volume adjustment (left ear stem) are found on each stem of it. You just got to have the feel of the location of the buttons so that you won’t accidentally press the power off when you want to do is to move forward to the next track.

A flash memory of 256MB to 512MB for this type of MP3 player is enough since you would not be using them for more than six hours of playback time. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion polymer via a USB connection. However, if you do not want to turn on your computer while charging it, you can get yourself an external charger which is separately sold.

File formats being supported are MP3, WMA, WMA with DRM and WAV. Windows Media Audio support suggests that this gadget is Microsoft-friendly. Aside from being Microsoft-friendly, it is also Macintosh-friendly as one of its supported OS.

Another bonus add-on for this gadget is that you could actually use this as a storage device. You could transfer your documents from one computer to another via a high-speed USB2.0 connection.

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  • I have frequently read that the Thump is too heavy for a pair of shades and that you could never get the ear-pieces to stay comfortably in your ear.
    Oakley is apparently already working on improving on their old design with Thump 2.0.

  • plus “dog the bounty hunter” wears it, so unless if you really want to go ghetto redneck and sport a mullet, go ahead and score a thump.

    An announcement was made for version 2 of the thump… but it still looks pro-mullet…

  • Might be cheaper to get Oakleys and an iPod separately hehe 🙂

  • amen to that marc.

  • haha yeah
    i remember those movies with eyewear as gadgets but not for music :p

  • an oakley with an HUD… seems probable… I’m waiting for the polarized Gascan to come out on the 4th… yummy.

  • bry

    its to heavy…too bulky…and ots pretty annoying to use it at night, even it’s “Oakley”

  • nj

    You just can’t get the best of both worlds.

    If you’re into music, always having to wear a pair of oakleys when you want to listen to music might not be practical.

    If you’re into wearing fashionable shades (that’s why you got Oakleys in the first place), wearing a heavy and bulky pair wouldn’t do it.

    Just like marc, I’d rather buy an ipod shuffle and a pair of Oakleys not only because of the price, but also because of the practicality of having a full-fledged MP3 player and a pair of coooool Oakleys.

  • rainierasr

    i have a thump 1 512mb, ordered from states, thou its cheaper their, one of my earpiece is now busted, the ear piece is also annoying. but wearing it is the cool part, coz you dont see that regulary on streets, and another thing is its oakley…… btw, the thump 1 and 2 is bad for sweat, thus making the earpiece damaged by the sweat! so buy the thump pro…..

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