Oks: People Powered Linking

I came across Oks (or [[ok!]]), a Pinoy Digg-style site. Creator Luis Buenaventura explains Oks. He is also behind the irreverent community site HighFiber.

His blog post talks about Filipino Web 2.0: are Pinoy web users ready for sharing and content creation? He thinks we’re not, but would like to prove it otherwise.

I have to be amused – an Oks user mentioned my Philippine Blog Aggregator project prototype.

Will collaborative filtering work for a Pinoy website?

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  • i dunno about you guys but i have this habit of whenever i came across a new word, i eagerly switch my browser to http://www.dictionary.com to check up on that word, and amusingly (as i find it) that the word irreverent is synonymous with the word impertinent and disrespectful..

    oks is good, if not great.. kaya lang daming advertisement..

  • Exactly. And I think “irreverent” is how they like it.

    Oks only has one Adsense unit with 4 ads… quite sparse for me.

  • if its “irreverent” then its not a good site then..?

    i did a revisit on the oks site and yeah, i thought those links at the right bottom corner are ads, my bad..

    one funny thing do, i read an article about the tsunami thing and there was a line that goes like this: “A year since the dreaded Tsunami tragedy stuck these shores. Some of the impacted lives have gone back..”

    muntik ng naging impakto..

  • I mean irreverent in a cool way. Disrespectful of authority. Check it out and see what I mean.

  • thanks very much for the plug. and yeah, “irreverent” is exactly how i would describe highfiber.org 🙂

  • plug lang ako, para sa mga taong nag re rent lang ng pc, sa mga cafe owners na gustong mapagsilbihan ang mag patrons nila ng mabuti, sa mga taong tambak ang favourite folders, sa mga taong mahina ang memory at higit sa lahat, sa mga taong kagaya ko, mga taong tamad at mali mali magtype ng internet address.. eto na, eto na.. eto na ang..

    http://www.homepagekoto.com – make it your homepage as well

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