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Olympus introduces new compact ultra-zoom cameras to local market

Olympus recently introduced their new ultra-zoom cameras to the Philippine market. The Olympus SP-800UZ is the smallest compact digital camera in its class and the first to incorporate a whopping 30x zoom.

If you’re the type of person who feels intimidated using DSLR’s or lazy enough or don’t have the patience to tinker with the manual settings just to take a shot then you would probably want to consider the SP-800UZ.


The SP-800UZ is an easy to use “œall-in-one” 14-megapixel camera that caters to people who wants to take good, quality shots without dwelling too much on the intricacies of a camera’s settings. Not only that, this paparazzi camera has a super-telephoto 30x optical zoom (28mm wide-angle to 840mm telephoto) to capture big, up-close images from afar.

A cool new feature available in the SP-800UZ is the “œbackground defocusing” scene mode. Yup, choosing this scene mode will blur the background and focus on the subject in the foreground for those artistic photographs that people love.

The Olympus SP-800UZ is an upgrade from the SP-590UZ which can only do 26x zoom and requires 4 AA batteries as opposed to the Lithium Ion of the newer model. This new model can also record 720p hi definition videos.

See complete specs from dpreview.

The SP-800UZ will be available this month for P22,995 and comes with a 4GB SD card, Lens Pen and a Speedo Watch. For the 15x zoom model, SP-600UZ, the price is P16,995 and comes with 4GB SD card and a Lens Pen.

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  • Can you provide a rough estimate of how much this 14 mp camera would cost.

  • around $500 for sure.

  • 840mm at the long end is pretty good in daylight but will be virtually useless in low light.