One Day Offer: Get FREE DivX Create Bundle for Windows

Video geek, make yourself happy and stop cracking software already, because:

Today we are pleased to offer you the DivX Create Bundle, including the DivX Player, DivX Pro 6 codec and DivX Converter, absolutely free (via)

Save yourself $19.99 with this sweet, sweet fifth anniversary offer.

First it was Opera, now DivX. Ach! Can’t wait for the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

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  • Why DivX when there is XviD.

  • I’ve had trouble with xViD coded videos before. Can’t remember specifically what.

  • A person’s choice should depend on technical merit though, not whether they can make it work without much trouble. Video encoding is a messy affair and doing it correctly was never meant to be easy, even though lots of software have come to try to make it easier.