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One-Up for Multiply: No More Premium Accounts

The only other photo-service I subcsribe to (the primary one being Flickr, which I live on) is the corny but useful Multiply. Though, this just came in:

Things that were once reserved for premium account holders are now available to all Multiply members.

What does this mean to you? Among other things…

– You can now upload an unlimited number of photos. (For free.)
– And unlimited videos, as well. (This too, is free.)
– But let’s not forget that all layouts *and* full CSS customization options are… you guessed it, also free.

Very promising news since the Multiply service has always been promising for its feature-set to the younger crowds, or to those with a family-friendly-not-so-tech-savvy mindset.

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  • So they’re going after the Myspace model of increasing pageviews – but with low low clickthrough rates!

  • Is there a catch to this?

    I know this is great and everything..but why?

  • VC funding, maybe? Or have they been acquired? I’m aware some companies that offer photo storage earn from printing out photos and sending the printouts by courier.