Online Certification

One way to polish your resume is to have some vendor certifications attached to it. The drawback is that, unless your company is sponsoring the exams for you, you just might find the costs too prohibitive.

Solution, Affordable Online Certification. While browsing around I found Brainbench and ExpertRating. They offer their own certifications that are affordable to the average Filipino’s pocket. The great thing about these certifications is that it’s not limited only to just tech courses (I even saw a medical transcription exam in Beta Testing at Brainbench.)

Although Brainbench’s basic exams are around $40+, they do have free exams offered wherein you only have to foot the bill for the certificate ($14+, or you can always make do with the online version). The certification of Brainbench usually lasts for 3 years. Expert rating offers a cheaper price at $9+ per exam with $5 for retakes.

The exams are usually composed of 40 questions and you are given a few minutes to answer each question. You are allowed to retake the exam in order to get a better score, however it will reflect on the history of the number of times you took the test. The online tests are also a great way of preparing yourself for vendor certificate exams. Now all you have to worry about is studying for the exam, but still, that is one variable out of the equation for getting certified. 😀

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  • I am not sure on the Philippine I.T. but here in SG, brainbench-cert holders are usually targets of “hostile” interviews. Yet again, I cannot generalize this statement.

  • That’s interesting and great that you pointed that out. I wonder why some companies would hold something against the brainbench certified people.

  • Richard: interesting. Do the interviewers give them nasty interviews, or they grill them on why they took the Brainbench exam?

  • I had interviewed several who had BB certs. They turn out to be a dud, quite contrary to what their CVs claim.

    I guess it’s a two-part thing: (1) most people who gets certified crammed their way to it, or perhaps, had somebody with them when they took the online exams. (2) as compared to the more expensive certifications, companies (or individuals) may give lower regard to BB certs.

    as for my case, it’s mostly the first one. I change my interview mode when I see some certifications in there 😉

  • Just goes to show the folly of trying to cheat on your exams… if you don’t do it the right way, it’s going to boomerang on you… 😀

  • BB certification is valuable in showing competence, but need the degree and experience to show your expertise.

  • reactor

    I wouldn’t hire someone who have perfect scores in his brainbench exam nor carry a vendor certification but not have solid experience in his field.

    You’re right, many certified individuals just crammed their way into passing the exam. Heck Cisco Networking Academy graduates thinks they know networking already versus us guys who have been in the field for years.

  • Brainbench is free for two weeks, they are having a competition. Looks fun. Too bad I don’t have time to join.

    I guess they do these to boost their mindshare.