Open Mike and PTB Invite

It’s been six month since our last PTB invite and we think it’s about time for us to get another round of contributors.

This time, we’ll do something like an open mike night. Here’s how we’ll go about it:

  • Sign up at PTB as a Registered User. Make sure to put your real name in your profile and a link to your blog if you have one.
  • Leave a comment in this post indicating your intent to join the Open Mike and as a regular PTB contributor.
  • I will then upgrade your account level for you to be able to post entries as draft. They will then be scheduled for publishing at pre-determined dates.
  • You will be required to submit at least 3 entries within the open mike period. More is better.
  • This invite starts today, March 16, and ends on March 31.
  • We’ll then accept 3 regular contributors based on their submissions.

That’s it. Please refrain from submitting news-type entries as they may become stale by the time we schedule it for posting. Topics should cover any of the existing categories we have and they should be relevant to the Philippine IT industry (as much as possible). For product reviews, you should actually own, bought, or borrowed it with original pictures preferred. Interviews and/or event coverage must have been done by you while tips & tricks must be original.

All entries should be fresh, original and have not been published elsewhere. Limit them to 150 to 400 words but if you want to post a long one, make it a 3-part series.

That’s it. The open mike is live!

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  • This is to signify my intention to join the Open Mike. (wow, so formal!) 🙂

  • I would similarly want to join the open mike

  • Yes, I’m open. 😉

  • Oo nga, Mike. Misleading yung subject. Wehehe.

  • @ rnold & Mon : I have upgraded your user levels.

    @ mike : your avatar/picture spells it all!

    @ rain : catchy ba? 😀

  • count me in please…

  • count me in.

  • hi jun and arnold,

    I’ve added you already. You can start submitting articles.

  • PoshNeya

    i wish i have a blog. 🙁

  • I want to join 😀

  • @ Posh : you can always get a account.

    @ J Ignacio: upgraded your access level

  • hoop

    Hi Abe!, registered for the open mike. Please upgrade, Thanks 😀

  • w00t. im joining too, sir abe. thanks =)