Open Season on Google Webmaster Central

Google Webmaster CentralThe Google Webmaster Central Blog just announced the opening of the traditional Airing of Grievances that webmasters might have for Webmaster Central. Folks are encouraged to post their comments, grievances and violent reactions in the comment section of this post.

You can air your woes and “awww man!”s in the comments below. Just remember that bots may crawl this blog, but we humans review the comments, so please keep your grievances constructive. 🙂 Let us know about features you’d like implemented in Webmaster Tools, articles you’d like written in our blog or Help Center, and stuff you’d like to see in the discussion group. Bonus points if you also explain how your suggestion helps the whole Internet””not just your site’s individual rankings. (But of course, we understand that your site ranking number one for all queries in all regions is truly, objectively good for everyone.)

So fire away Philippines!

Google Webmaster Tools provide webmasters with an easy way to make their sites more accessible to the Google spiders. They show how Google views your site and in turn will help your site be more visible in the result pages of Google Search. To learn more, check out Google Webmaster Central.

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