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The Oppo 5x Technology Revealed at the MWC

Last month Oppo has sent out teasers about their 5x camera technology. At this years Mobile World Council they did make the reveal and the Oppo 5x technology has impressed.

Oppo 5x Technology look

Oppo has been an innovator when it comes to smartphone cameras, and the 5x continues that. Most smartphones have a zoom function and it is a nifty function. The problem there however is that the zoom function does not look good. At best cameras crop and enhance the images. That means a zoomed in picture is already an already cropped photo.

The 5x solves all that with what is basically a side ways periscope. Oppo uses five lenses set sideways and then is directed at the sensor via a prism. This not only creates for a true zoomed in image, but also solves the problem of a camera bump.

Although, only dummy phones were displayed at the MWC, the 5x tech is already good to go. Oppo has said that their innovation is ready and phones sporting it might be seen before the year ends.

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