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OPPO Breaks New Grounds With SmartSensor Optical Image Stabilization

Super VOOC Flash Charge isn’t the only groundbreaking feature that OPPO unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, the company also took some time to introduce its new optical image stabilization technology called SmartSensor.

What makes SmartSensor different from other OIS implementations we’ve seen in the past is that’s it’s world’s first on-sensor image stabilizer for smartphones. This means that OPPO’s new technology veers away from the conventional lens-based OIS which we typically see on smartphones nowadays.

OPPO SmartSensor Optical Image Stabilization

OPPO explained here in details how the new sensor-based optical image stabilization will not only improve the quality of the pictures, but also reduce the amount energy required to correct motion blur caused by shaky hands.

To sum up their rather lengthy explanation, here are the key advantages of SmartSensor over conventional lens-based optical image stabilization:

SmartSensor Talkpoints

SmartSensor, on paper at least, is definitely an innovative technology that should provide future OPPO smartphones with an additional edge in the camera department over its contemporaries. And while we wouldn’t go as far as comparing SmartSensor-equipped smartphones to DSLR cameras (like what most companies do show off the prowess of their new device), it’s certainly in the right direction to further improve the quality of pictures taken with a smartphone.

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