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OPPO’s Redefines ‘Fast-Charging’ With New Super VOOC Technology

OPPO is also present at Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. And while the Chinese company didn’t announce a new smartphone, or any new device for that matter, it did share with its audience a new feature called Super VOOC Flash Charge which can potentially change our perception of what “fast-charging” is.

When applied to a compatible smartphone, OPPO claims that the new Super VOOC Flash Charge technology can charge a drained 2,500mAh battery to 45% in 5 minutes. What’s more surprising is that it can entirely fill up that same battery in just 15 minutes.

Super VOOC

OPPO claims that the Super VOOC technology was able to achieve this incredible feat through the combination of a new low-voltage pulse-charge system and a customized battery which will eventually be used on its upcoming smartphones.

In addition to that, Super VOOC requires a special, military-grade components such as the Super VOOC Flash Charge adapter, USB cable, and connector in order to achieve the lightning-fast charging time.

But as impressive as the rate of which the Super VOOC can fully-charged a custom-built battery, OPPO was quick to point out that speeding up the charging process isn’t the only goal they had in mind when the developed the new technology. The company said that it has put the same amount of effort on safety which it explained in detail on its official website forum.

The new Super VOOC Flash Charge supports the traditional MicroUSB and the new USB Type-C standards, and we could probably expect the technology to make its way on some of OPPO’s upcoming smartphones.

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