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Origins of the Philippine Internet Connection

I suddenly remembered a DOST newsletter (please click on the images below) that I saw during one of my forays at the local NSCB. The article talked about the history of the Philippine Internet Connection. Which started as a dial up connection to Australia’s Victoria University of Technology in 1993. This was basically a test of the internet connection by the DOST, Ateneo De Manila Univ., University of the Philippines and De La Salle Univ. Because of the success of that first test, a 64kbps leased line was obtained in March 1994 and PHNet was born. The rest they say, is history.

I remember my first crack at the internet, it was in 1996 and I had to wait in line at the University Library. It was two computers side by side set for public use, they didn’t offer any chairs with it so that users would be encouraged to leave once they got tired of standing or became conscious of the Que of gripers behind them giving them dagger looks for hogging the PC. Didn’t even bother to check email, didn’t have any then, not to mention that I had nobody to email too either. I can’t even remember if it was nba.com or cnn.com that I first surfed, maybe nba.com. I got puzzled too with that “http://” thingy that had to precede the web address. 11 years later, now aren’t we all the experts? *snicker*


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  • March 29 would be the 13th anniversary of the Philippine Internet… something that fewer and fewer people commemorate šŸ™

  • I had my first internet connection in late 1995 through Virtual Asia.(VASIA). I can’t believe I spent 500 pesos for a measly 15 hours. Then I switched to Compass internet then Sky Internet in 1998-1999 offered unlimited dialup for 2500 pesos. Finally got my cable broadband in 1999 through the pioneers Destiny Cable.

  • Hooray for Philippine internet, online here since 1998… 4 years late to the party…

  • It really is no big deal – no need to celebrate it, really. I mean, it is a milestone but hey, do we celebrate the first telephone call in the country?

  • that’s because i’d rather surf than remember playing mudd or using rocketmail with 2MB

  • Our first dial up was i-next, spent P1600 a month for that… I think it was 18 hours free

    I think we should remember to post on the Philippine Internet’s birthday šŸ˜€

  • Aww c’mon… show some sentimentality!

    At one point in my career, I worked for the company that took over I-Next’s infrastructure, and others as well… hey maybe at some point in time I handled your packets!

  • March 29 is the anniversary of the Philippine Internet?! Whoah! I didn’t know that before.

  • Yeah, only the oldtimers know or care about it it seems…