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OtterBox dares you to drop your phone

Tenkie Box Concepts recently held a Drop Test weekend at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell to highlight the maximum protection that OtterBox can give.

If you’re not familiar with OtterBox, they specialize in creating heavy duty cases that will ensure your device is protected from the daily grind and even from falls, and is durable enough to to do it for years. They’ve been making these protective casings ever since the PDA days so they really know what they’re doing.

otterbox launch

During the weekend, the folks from OtterBox and Tenkie Box Concepts kept on dropping or throwing their own personal phones protected by OtterBox on the floor like it was nobody’s business. That’s how reliable these cases are.

Last Saturday, champion surfer Lorraine Lapus was there to talk about her phone which is protected by their top-of-the-line Defender case.

Otterbox Lorraine Lapus

“œSometimes, I simply can’t avoid dropping my phone. I don’t mean to do it on purpose! I love being outdoors but there’s so much that goes on especially on surf trips. Everyone makes a mad dash to the beach when the waves are good. Sand, bags and gear sometimes gets dumped on top of my phone. Good thing I’m using Otterbox. My phone is protected from these elements and still as good as new.”

OtterBox has a variety of cases depending on one’s lifestyle.

otterbox impact

The Impact series is the most basic. It is made of compression molded silicone, with an inner coiling that effectively absorbs any kind of impact. Price ranges from P1,200 to P1,400 depending on the device.

otterbox commuter

The Commuter series is the popular choice since it somehow retains your phone’s form while still offering the protection you need daily especially when you’re on the go. P1,850 ““ P2,150.

otterbox reflex

The Reflex series is compact and also lightweight. It utilizes the rule-bending technology similar to the crumple zone of a car to absorb the hardest of impacts. Price is P2,500 and it is also available for the iPad 2 for P3,900. Moms take note!

otterbox defender

The Defender series is the ultimate OtterBox case. It is built for the rugged lifestyle or for those who are regularly on the field. It does make your device bulky with the combination of silicone and hard case but you will certainly feel assured that it is protected. Price starts at P2,850 for phones and P3,900 for the smaller tablets, while P4,900 for the iPad.

otterbox waterproof

If you just want a case to store your phone or compact camera and protect it from anything (except fire maybe), get the OtterBox Waterproof cases which starts at P800.

OtterBox cases are made for a variety of phones. They have them for the iPhone and popular models of BlackBerry, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC. They also have cases for tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook, Dell Streak and Samsung tablets.

To know more about their whole lineup, you may visit the Tenkie Box Concepts site.

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  • joey

    price wise, it’s not practical. period.

  • Calvin

    what i like about otterbox is their 1-year replacement warranty. pag nag-crack yung otterbox case mo within a year papalitan nila ng bago. ganun nangyari sa friend ko, nag-chip off lang part ng case pinalitan agad.

    • Marcelino

      Agree. Ako, ikatlong palit ko na for my iPhone’s Commuter case. Di kasi mag-fit ng ayos yung silicone! :))

    • Marcelino

      Agree. Ako, ikatlong palit ko na for my iPhone’s Commuter case. Di kasi mag-fit nang ayos yung silicone! :))

  • Marcelino

    I’m really satisfied with my OtterBox Commuter Series case for my iPhone 4S! Worth it talaga for P 2,150. 🙂

  • Juliet Baldwin

    Where can i buy Otterbox casing for Blackberry 9800 here in Manila.

  • Jeremy

    I currently have a Defender case for my 4S that I bought last March but parts of the case started to peel off as early as October (also partly because the charger port and the corners of the phone never fitted in properly). May I ask for the email or the warranty procedure that I need to follow? Also, would there be a problem if I bought the case in HK and not here?


  • Breanna

    Meron na bang ottercase sa phil na para sa s 4 mini?

  • Dhen

    Wer can i buy otterbox defender for iphone 4s orignal otterbox