OtterBox Launches New Protective Cases for iPhone X and 8 Series
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OtterBox Launches New Protective Cases for iPhone X and 8 Series

OtterBox continues its tradition of delivering top-notch iPhone protection to all Apple users by offering a new case lineup for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

  • The Symmetry Series offers a raised, beveled edge that provides extra protection for the touchscreen. By keeping it safe from facedown drops, your iPhone display should remain intact. In terms of design, there exists a variety of styles and colors for the Symmetry Series.
  • On the other hand, the Pursuit Series puts defense at the very top of its priority list. Basically, it guards against drops, dust, dirt, snow, and other outdoor hazards. Putting a Pursuit on your iPhone guarantees users the ability to take their device anywhere.
  • OtterBox’ original Defender series takes ten years of historic design decisions and blends it into a single case. In other words, this rugged, multi-layer case boasts a mountain of experience. Keep your phone protected the classic way with a slipcover that absorbs and dissipates shock.
  • For the Commuter Series, two layers are the standard. Thin yet protective, the inner and outer shells combine to ward away shock from accidents and drops.
  • Meanwhile, the Strada Series Folio proves that you don’t need to sacrifice style for strength. With a secure magnet clasp, the Strada even features a card slot for flexible functionality.
  • uniVERSE is a case system that features a back rail mount. This means that a uniVERSE-protected device will attach to a variety of accessories. Some of these include a contactless card reader, extra storage, bike mounts, wallets, and tripods.
  • For your display, on the other hand, OtterBox gives you the Alpha Glass guards. These fortified screen guards work with any OtterBox series protector, and will block scratches and dents.

Get your own OtterBox protector now! Be sure to visit  either a OtterBox retail kiosk, Power Mac Center, iStudio, InBox or Mobile1 to get protected ASAP. For more info, check out the OtterBox site for Asia.

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