Our Zune has arrived!

So, ok, we’re having some wishful thinking that Microsoft would send us a demo unit of the newly launched Zune media player.

Seriously though, you think this will this affect people’s perception towards portable mp3 players? Microsoft is the only single giant who has the moolah to spend gazillions on marketing the Zune. People are getting curious and reviews are now coming in left and right.


I surely got my curiosity and after having owned 4 iPods in the last 3 years, I thought Zune would be a nice choice on my next purchase. It won’t make me dump my iPod but with built-in integration with the XBox 360 it sure does look like a good buy (for the gamers). Rubbing in some coolness points there, eh?

But that’s just me. What do you think?

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  • definitely not for the masses..

  • It would’ve kicked ass but…

    DRM is such a turn off the brown color fits pretty well.
    WiFi’s cool but it’s almost useless on it.
    Samsung had a better idea.
    I’ll only buy one if there’ll be something like ZuneLinux to use its full potential.

    Does “Your potential. Our passion” sound familiar?

  • i like the design.

  • digileet

    Chris Pirillo says.


    Remember if you mention his name at least 3 times in a blog…

  • laosboyme

    Again Microsoft copy apples products! AGAIN AND AGAIN!

  • berlin

    Again, poor folks like me will benefit from this new MS scheme. Without Windows, I would’ve never been able to get on the internet. The internet would’ve been available only to the rich LEET who can afford macs or figure out Linux. (Remember when Netscape cost $40?)

    Now with Zune, it’s 14.99 a month to download millions of songs instead of .99c each. That’s thinking about the masses. Zune vill rule ze vorld.

  • berlin

    Btw, I might have to wait for V2 or a Mini version like Nano. Hopefully it’ll come out soon. Also, not to mislead anybody, the 14.99 monthly sub are for ‘lease’ only. But I can already smell a hack to work around this.

  • digileet

    A lot of people seem to think that they are beyond the masses. Wahahahaha

    Anyway, look at this rich elite super rich kids:


  • banana

    i think its a good alternative for an portable video player considering the only “good” choices we have for the past years are the iPod and Zen. We will just have to wait for the community to tinker the product more and see what they can come up with it. =)

  • reason why should not buy a Zune

  • When will this be shipping in RP? Wanna see it in real “person”

  • TheWatcher

    Oh come on. Here we go again by the Apple bigots. Zune is a fantastic product by a stretch… I just got mine, and it is sooo cool, better than my last two ipods. It will of course take time to catch on as ipod is as common as “band-aid”, “kleenex”, and “coke”. But being one who has actually held one and used it — not just some opinionist who makes a comment without even seeing it — it is really worth every buck. Real value for money.

  • Chetlog

    Zune and Vista not compatible. Enough said.

  • kei

    nandito na ba sa pinas yan? san makakabili?

  • Kleid

    Can anybody tell me how much this thing cost?

  • I like zune… Sold my IPOD because one thing I always loss my playlist after filling up with all my mp3s, because im always on the go remove ipod connected with out manual removal from the pc which takes time.. unlike with zune, even if its attached on the USB I just easily charge, play with it.. and no dont not disconnect message unlike with the ipod. plus ipod is boring cant change wallpaper on it.

    U can lookup itemoutbox.com and tipidpc.com from people dispatching zune here in the philippines

  • tess

    where can i have this for free?
    i dont have enough moolah to buy one.
    please help….

    btw, am willing to do anything for it…

  • tess

    hey bakit hindi nag print yung comment ko.
    ball shit.

  • twixxx

    ask ko naman mga bro kung magkano ba ang zune isn’t ranging from Php 24,000 or
    Php 30,ooo

    pls. do advise

  • djmichaeljay

    actually i bought two of them… one for me and one for my wife… she went to the philippines for a vacation and all her friends and relatives had ipods but when they saw her white zune everybody wanted one.. so they all sold their old ipods to buy the zune… i recently shipped 30 zunes to the philippines for sale bound for Laoag City… all of them are sold out… my wife and i just opened our multimedia center in Laoag and we are sending more zunes and its accesories….
    the coolest thing about zune is that you can watch your videos and movies from your zune to your tv sets!.. ipod can not do that… the screen is bigger and alot brighter and its more user friendly than ipod! my 8 year old son has one… we are selling it for
    Php 15,000.00 since its imported from the US!
    The zune IS compatible with VISTA…
    zune automatically detects upgrades from the net everytime you plug it in to your computer….
    by the way… the zune is also a wi-fi device.. that means you can trade song from one zune to another….

  • Zune team will release a flash base Zune and Zune 2.0 before the year ends.

    If you are selling Zune accessories,email me, I want one 🙂 Sana mura lang ha..

  • i own a zune. compared to ipod, okay naman cya and hindi mahirap gamitin ung scroll. and one thing also, it has a radio.

  • zeezio

    i like zune a lot, even made my ppc theme to my zune ala ppc zune, hehehe…

    btw, we still got two units for sale here, a white and a brown one, for details email me, [email protected]


  • Hey, Is The Zune Released Here In The Philippines Cause My Dad Bought Me One From The States And I Have It Now, But I Lost The Usb Cord.XD So Does Anyone Know Where They sell The Usb Cords At.? Please Help