Ozaki iCoat Finger equips your iPhone 4/4S with a stylus

Got an iPhone 4? or even an iPhone 4S? Want a case? Want a stylus for Draw Something to go with it so you don’t have to worry about carrying it separately? Well maybe the Ozaki iCoat Finger is what you’re looking for.

ozaki icoat finger

A Red Dot Design Award winner, the Ozaki iCoat Finger is the first iPhone 4/4S case that is perfectly integrated with a stylus aside from the complete protection it brings. If you have big fingers and want accurate touch typing, a stylus goes a long way.

icoat finger

The stylus on the Ozaki iCoat Finger is stored on a protruding center line at the back which prevents it from lying flat when laid on its back. It does however, give you a better grip when you’re holding your iPhone while using the stylus.

The Ozaki iCoat Finger should be available at your favorite authorized Apple reseller for Php1,495.

Ozaki iCoat Finger Specs:

  • Built-in stylus attached on your iPhone case
  • Slide-in and slide-out design makes it easy to use and carry
  • Screen anti-scratch when flipping down\Prevents your iPhone against scratches, dust and damages
  • Comes in cool color combinations of black/yellow, red/white, yellow/black, and white/grey
  • SRP: Php1,495
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  • Carl

    Looks cool hehe

  • Joeythes

    Call me when you have a stylus that is slim enough to see the point. Otherwise this is as precise as a finger and I already have those, free.

    • what’s your number? Hehehe… pointy stylus won’t work on capacitive screens. but there’s one that’s close to being pointy and i’m getting one later.

  • Carl

    I saw a stylus made by Ozaki that has a fine point. It was priced at around 1.3k+ from a store in Rob’s Galleria.

  • Griswold

    Cute but the problem with a small stylus like that is that it’s awkward to use it for writing. like it’s hard to write with a really short pencil.