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Palit GeForce GTX 660Ti Review

After a month of grueling benchmarking and putting the Palit GeForce GTX 660Ti under the stressful environment of the latest games, here’s what PTB has to say about NVIDIA’s latest weapon of choice for gamers.

palit gtx 660 ti 01

After launching the flagship graphics card, GTX 680, five months ago, NVIDIA released the latest Kepler-based GPU dubbed the GeForce GTX660 Ti. It is based on the GK104 architecture which is used in the GTX 690/680/670 lines and the GTX 660Ti even packs the same number of CUDA cores as the 670 for maximum eye candy for your”¦ err eyes.

palit gtx 660 ti 02

Our review won’t consist of synthetic benchmarks as it really won’t be that much significant for me. I don’t buy GPUs just to see how high it can go on 3DMark or whatever synthetic benchmarking tool you use. I buy GPUs so I can play the latest games on the highest setting without turning my PC into a kinetoscope.

So okay, locked and loaded, here’s a list of the games I tried the Palit GTX 660 Ti with.
Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, and TES : Skyrim.

Let’s get to what’s new and cutting-edge about the GTX 660 Ti. Games are looking better and better especially with the advent of the latest in DirectX offering, DirectX 11. And who would forget NVIDIA’s PhysX engine, which gives games more life albeit at the cost of performance. People sometimes use a dedicated GPU just for PhysX, but with the 660 Ti, it runs PhysX without hiccupping your system.

palit gtx 660 ti 03

Another game changer is TXAA. Sorry, I don’t have The Secret World to test TXAA as it’s the first game to support it. Anyway, TXAA is a new film-style anti-aliasing technique to reduce flickering and improve edges in moving images.

NVIDIA’s latest architecture focuses on performance/watt to make sure that you get the best out of your gaming experience without setting aside extra funds for your Meralco bill. Under heavy stress, the GTX 660 Ti can draw up to 165W of power, consider that this GPU is powerful, that’s not much. Don’t worry about the GPU heating up as with Palit’s JetStream cooler design with 2 fans and a heatsink to keep you on gaming for longer periods of time even during the summer.

The way I tested this GPU is put everything into maximum detail setting just to see how far this baby can go. If the option is available, I put DX10 or DX11 mode and/or PhysX on.

palit gtx 660 ti 04

Here’s my system configuration for the tests:

  • CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 @ 4.0ghz
    MOBO: MSI 770-C45 (Disclaimer: This board doesn’t support PCI-e 3.0, so I may not be maximizing the benefits of this card)
    PSU: HEC Cougar 700W
    RAM: 8GB DDR3-1600

Specifications comparison

Now, I’m comparing the GTX 660 Ti to one of its competitors in its price range and a one-generation lower Nvidia GTX video card. This is to help existing users if they should upgrade or it might be worth the while to wait for the 7xx series of Nvidia cards.

GTX 660TiRadeon 7870GTX 570
Processor cores1344 Cores1280 Cores480 Cores
Memory2048 MB2048 MB1280 MB
Memory Interface192-bit256-bit320-bit
Base clock1006MHz1000 MHz1464 MHz
Memory Clock6008MHz4800MHz3800 Mhz
Memory Bandwidth146.6 GB/sec153.6 GB/sec152.0 GB/sec
Power Consumption160W130W219W

In the current market, these 3 cards’ price gap isn’t that much. Each card has their own pros and cons. Obviously, if you’re a big fan of AMD, you’ll know why you would choose the 7870, but if you’re a hardcore NVIDIA fan on a budget, surely, you would choose between the 570 and the 660Ti as the 570 is in a much higher tier albeit being a generation older. You can see the difference between the power consumption between the 3, knowing AMD, they tend to consume little power. And between the two architectures, as companies move into a more environment-friendly product line, they make the newer ones draw less power but still packs a mean punch.

Tip: If you’re planning on upgrading your GPU or your system rather, with the pace of technology today, it’s more pocket-friendly to buy tech components in the mid-range a quarter or two upon their release AND upgrade every 2 generations or so. Going mid-range really helps as you won’t be spending too much cash on a top-of-the-line product that would be rebranded after 2 generations and you won’t be sacrificing performance too.

palit gtx 660 ti 05

Here’s a complete spec sheet of the Palit GeForce GTX 660Ti JetStream edition:

CUDA Cores1344
Texture Units112
ROP Units24
Base Clock1006 MHz
Boost Clock1084 MHz
Memory Clock3054 MHz
Total Video Memory2048MB GDDR5
Memory Interface192-bit
Total Memory Bandwidth146.6 GB/s
Texture Filtering Rate112.7 Billion/sec
Fabrication Process28 nm
Transistor Count3.54 Billion
Connectors2x Dual-link DVI; 1x HDMI; 1x DisplayPort
Form Factor2.5 slot
Power Connectors2 x 6-pin (Important to check if your PSU have 2 of these.)
Recommended PSU450W
Thermal Threshold98 C


Now here’s the beefy part. I tested the Palit NVIDIA GTX660 Ti in a number of games. Note that everything here is based on the highest settings available to the game. It is to gauge how the card handles stressful gaming graphics.

Here are some screenshots from Batman: Arkham City DX10 and DX11. Note that Arkham City’s DX11 seems to be buggy and even though I have updated to the latest patch, it did boost the FPS just a little bit.

Batman Arkham City DX10

Batman Arkham City DX11

Skyrim looks amazingly beautiful on this card. This is Ultra settings in DX10.

Skyrim (2)

  • Min 59 FPS
  • Max 62 FPS
  • Avg 60.322 FPS

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations plays smoothly but there are some stuttering on Max Settings DX10.

Assassin's Creed Revo

  • Min 46 FPS
  • Max 48 FPS
  • Avg 47.104 FPS

The colors are very vibrant on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and the game is buttery smooth even on the highest settings on DX11.

Amalur 2

  • Min 30 FPS
  • Max 64 FPS
  • Avg 57.971 FPS

The GTX 660 Ti didn’t have any problems with High Moon’s latest game, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Fall of Cybertron (2)

  • Min 58 FPS
  • Max 62 FPS
  • Avg 59.952 FPS

I tried gaming for hours and I’m a non-airconditioned room and the Palit GTX 660 Ti topped at 69 Celsius. Now that’s cool considering I’ve been playing graphic intensive games for hours. Thanks to Palit’s Jetstream technology, you don’t have to worry about overheating the GTX 660 Ti and will allow you to play longer hours.

In closing, I would definitely recommend this card to those who are looking for building a new gaming desktop computer and wants a bang-for-the-buck video card that can play the latest game and in making your gaming rig future proof.

The Palit GeForce GTX 660Ti retails for about Php14,200.

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  • Damn.. still too expensive. The x60 (460, 560, 660) of every generation has always hit the sweet spot in terms of price-performance. My 550Ti is still quite capable, though I regret not waiting to save enough for a 560. Anyway, once games start becoming slightly laggy on my card at 1600×900 on high-max settings, I’ll think about getting a 660 (or 760 if games are still playable by the time it comes out).

    • The Ti version really does step up. It performs better than the 570 in real world application. You don’t have to wait for the 7xx series to come out and if you’re playing at 1600×900 resolution, this card won’t flinch at anything you throw at it.

      • I’ll have to wait until it drops in price though and hope my current card can still handle any of the new games that come out in the next year. Wishing I was a bazillionaire right now, hehe.

  • Jake

    Another great! computer hardware product.

  • I’ve been looking at this card for a while now even if I already have the GTX 680(which performs very well without any problems).
    It’s a really, really great card especially if you have two in SLI, it’s going to be 20-30% faster and better than a single 680.

    If you can’t afford to get a 680, might as well get this, it’s a beast.

  • Anonymous

    I’d shell out more for a better card, MSI’s 660 ti. Then again at that price you’re better off getting the silimilarly priced Sapphire 7950. IMO.

  • Griswold

    whew…14,200 na pala ang kelangan to play the recent games in high settings. is this the most cheapest alternative to achieve those settings?

    • If you want to play the latest and upcoming games, I guess it comes with a hefty price tag. You can settle with one-generation older but higher model video cards or second hand ones.

  • Jiron

    69 degrees Celsius. hehehe

    On a more serious note, I wish you also included Battlefield 3 in the benchmarks. Nice review!

    • Sorry about that, ran out of funds. LOL

      Didn’t buy BF3 since we all know how reliable the connection in our country is. Didn’t include Diablo III either as it’s not as spec hungry as these games.

      • Jiron

        I don’t know if it is ethical for you if you test with a Jack Sparrow just to take a glimpse at the performance. Single player and multi-player is more or less the same on GPU load. Just some feedback. 🙂

  • StratoSpHere

    Kamusta naman ang GTX260 ko hehe… Ilang taon na din sa akin ito, and I think I need a new setup. My only concern is, P14k++ na itong GPU, what more para sa mobo, PSU, RAM, hard disk, etc…? 🙁

  • ivan

    hi i would like to ask for your thoughts regarding my current rig. my v card is a bit old im eyeing for 650 or 660 gtx: since in a budget concious may price range is about 5-10k only. with this set up i can play latest games at medium to high settings only. is it worth to upgrade my vcard or wait for 7xx gtx?
    procie: intel core i5 2320
    mobo: asus p8h77 mle
    cpu cooler: coolermaster hyper tx3 evo
    vcard: inno3d gt 440 1 gb 128 bit ddr3
    ram: 4 gb of value ram kingston 1333
    hdd: 1 tb of wd blue sata3
    psu: hec II rapter 500 watts
    os: w7 ultimate 32 bit
    casing: aero cool strixe x
    choices are
    palit gtx 650 1 gb 128 gddr5 oc for 4, 600
    or the ti version of 650 oc for about 6,300
    or palit gtx 660 2 gb 192 bit ddr5 oc for 9,700

    i just want to get the best performance for a cheaper card
    i not a hardcore gaming just medium one.
    any advice. thanks.