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Panasonic SC-HC25 compact stereo system will still accept your CDs

Check out this feature-rich compact stereo system from Panasonic. The SC-HC25 mini hi-fi is a surprising package that adopted the bamboo cone material to power its 10-watt output speakers and produce surround sound in a more extensive range resulting in clearer vocals and finely-tuned audio reproduction.

Panasonic SC-HC25

The Panasonic SC-HC25 has a stylish motorized power sliding door for the protection of your CD. But that’s not all this stereo can play. The universal dock for your iPod and iPhone will slide out from the bottom of the unit at the press of a button. Push it back in when not being used. Another way to play your tracks is simply by plugging in a USB drive full of MP3s. If you don’t want to play your tunes, you can also preset 30 FM and 15 AM radio stations.

Panasonic SC-HC25 Panasonic SC-HC25

This stereo system features a built-in digital synthesizer to fit the mood of your favorite tracks. It has enhanced sound quality that conforms to pitch, time and timbre with its preset equalizer (heavy, clear, soft, vocal and flat).

You can view the song title, artist or radio frequency via its classy blue LCD display with advanced dimmer while a programmable timer can play the unit to play a specific station at a scheduled time. You can even use it to set your favorite tune (*cough* Buttercup *cough*) as your alarm to wake you in the morning.

If you’re looking for a snazzy-looking stereo system to replace your tape/CD deck, you can get the Panasonic SC-HC25 for Php5,999 from your nearest Panasonic dealer.

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  • Jeck

    Where is this available?

  • Jeck

    Been searching for this in the market….

  • ramil

    Superb crystal clear sounding and very handy also!
    A must for a techno geek like me!

    • cool where did you get yours?