Pay-per-pixel Business Growing

I posted about the Million Dollar Homepage on the J Spot a while back. The concept is pretty simple: you put up a one-megapixel billboard and sell it for one dollar per pixel. If people snap up all your pixels, you’re an instant millionaire!

And it looks like the pay-per-pixel business is growing!

From [has] developed the Pay Per Pixel script that automates the whole process of running a Pixel site. This means that their image/link is normally added within minutes rather than hours or days. It even sends a confirmation email out to the customer when everythings’ set up!

As of this writing, there are hundreds of sites selling pixels (apart from the million dollar homepage. There are so many variations–the million penny, million grand, million euros homepage.

I tend to think this is rather like a bubble that will burst as soon as the market gets overcrowded. Perhaps not really a good business model for netrepreneurs to consider, unless you have the spare time and you think it’s worth a try.

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  • Might be a new way of selling ads but really pricing by the pixel is outrageous

  • So far it seems that quite a few of these site owners are making some serious dough. We’ve now got Million Quarter Home Page topping the ‘movers and shakers’ on Just about the time I came across the original site I found out that a good friend of mine with Leukemia was unable to get the treatment he needs under his insurance policy. So we even decided to give the pixel craze a try to see if we can earn the money for his stem cell transplant. So far we’re not doing all that bad. Although if you ask me, the next one to make the BIG bucks off of this trend will be the one who writes the best script for the site template and markets that to all the people wanting to start their own pixel site. Too bad I’m totally lacking in that department… =/

  • Thanks for the insights, Jaime. Would you happen to know if it’s true that Paypal froze the account of the original milliondollarhomepage owner?

  • Hi J,

    It did! Alex went for 2Checkout for a while. There as a complaint about it and Paypla re-activated his account.

  • Jaime Gehly

    I have a serious college problem show me how I need to learn from the master

  • pollywantsacracker

    “Pixels suck, don’t you agree?”
    That’s what mr. “pixels-in-auctions” says.
    So he put pixels on eBay:

    “This way if you really wish to buy a few of them to advertise your web site, you could get a a lot of them for a few pocket money.”

    Funny 🙂

  • ofwdude

    Here’s the pinoy version, They offer premium & free pixels and include classified ads forum to get more visitors.