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Paypal accepts withdrawal of funds to Philippine Banks

Paypal has just sent out notices to all Paypal Philippine members that they can now withdraw their funds into their local banks. This, on top of the existing methods of withdrawing funds thru debit cards (like UCPB’s EON card) and Philippine-based credit cards.

There’s a Php50 transaction fee when taking out amounts below Php7,000 and no charges (free!) for any amount in excess of Php7,000. Just login to your Paypal account and add the bank account numbers and the bank codes.

Paypal in the Philippines

The Philippine Bank Codes are published by eBay as follows. To complete your PayPal withdrawal, you will need to enter the name of your bank, your bank account number and the corresponding 9-digit bank code, which identifies your bank.

Allied Banking Corp. – 010320013
Asia United Bank – 011020011
Banco de Oro (& Equitable PCI Bank) – 010530667
Bank of Commerce – 010440016
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) – 010040018
China Banking Corporation (China Bank) – 010100013
Central Bank of the Philippines – 010030015
China Trust Commercial Bank – 010690015
Citibank N.A. – 010070017
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) – 010590018
East West Bank – 010620014
Export & Industry Bank – 010860010
HongKong & Shanghai Bank (HSBC) – 010060014
International Exchange Bank – 010680012
Land Bank of the Philippines – 010350025
Maybank of the Philippines – 010220016
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) – 010269996
Philippine Bank of Communication – 010110016
Philippine Trust Company (PhilTrust) – 010090039
Philippine National Bank (PNB) – 010080010
Prudential Bank – 010150018
Philippine Veterans Bank – 010330016
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) – 010280014
Security Bank and Trust Company – 010140015
Standard Chartered Bank – 010050011
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) – 010299995
Union Bank of the Philippines – 010419995
United Overseas Bank – 010270189

The other banks include:

Australia New Zealand – 010700015
Bangkok Bank – 010670019
Bank of America – 010120019
Bank of China – 011140014
Bank of Tokyo – 010460012
Deutsche Bank – 010650013
Fuji Bank – 010640010
International Commercial Bank of China – 010560019
JP Morgan Chase Bank – 010720011
Korea Exchange Bank – 010710018
International Nederland Bank – 010660016

Withdrawal process typically takes 5-7 business days. However, depending on your bank’s policies, it may take longer. Regardless of the foreign currency (USD, EUR, AUD, etc.) you are withdrawing from your PayPal account, the funds will be converted to your local currency.

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  • finally fully feature na ang paypal natin dito sa pilipinas.

  • Thanks for posting the codes. I have nothing to withdraw yet but I’m going to add my accounts anyway 😛

  • i have my eon card, can i use the account number to withdraw funds – paypal to bank? so that i wont apply for another account at another bank. thanks

  • Gem

    Salamat sa codes.

    I am just wondering if I am able to withdraw some $$$ from my Paypal account into my BDO account? I called customer service and they have no official announcement on this kind of transfer. It might be possible that Paypal to BDO account transfer might not be supported yet.

    I was able to add this BDO account (and putting the bank code too) successfully into my Paypal account a few days back, but I was concerned with being slapped with some charges if this whole transfer is not done successfully.

    Could anyone suggest a workaround on this? This is the only account that I have and I could not yet afford to put up another account, and moreover, get a credit card. Thanks.

  • fyb3r0pt1c

    i prefer EON from union bank…and one more thing…their service is good…

  • astrid

    i have applied with unionbank (EON) but gracious may, it takes 3 months before i receive the kit. which means 3 months ko pa ma withdraw the funds. by any chance, anyone tried withdrawing cash from their Metrobank savings account? Not credit card.

    • Mael

      Dont ever apply online in EON, they will provide you with reference number thru email,pagpunta mo sa bangko nila, hihingan ka ng NBI clearance, proofs of payments etc, and the 3 months..waste of time.dissapointing..

  • Ac

    are there any extra fees? (like withdrawal fees, deposit fees, transaction fees and other extra fees and those $#!+ where my money goes to who knows where?)

  • jurelyn

    how will i receive my money true paypal i only have the transaction id no.

  • ano yung bank na accepted sa paypal??

  • genet perlado

    Hi… I wanna ask if how can I link my paypal account to my bank account? Actually i’ve tried to link it to my bank account and paypal sent me a message that they will put small amount in my account but when I checked it in BPIdirect there’s no amount. Please help me.


    • V

      Hi, this happened to me too. No solution to it yet, and I also did not receive any amount from PayPal. However, I did see that my bank account has automatically been included as one of the options under the "Withdraw funds to your bank account" section of PayPal. I'm wary to transfer until everything is clear.

      Has anyone else experienced this but anyway successfully withdrawn from PayPal to their account? Any help would be appreciated!

  • mel


    I’m a new paypal member… i just wondered if you tried to link RCBC bank account to your paypal account? how was it going? does it really take 5-7 business days before i can have the amount?

  • glazel

    hi! just wanna ask if landbank accepts paypal…and how can i verify it? i just added my bank account on paypal yesterday april 1,i forgot it is holiday (holy week) my paypal acount had already deposit 2 small amounts on my landbank account for verification..i checked my bank account transactions online but there is none from paypal..can i still verify it on monday when the bank resumes?

  • Hi,

    Just would like to share that we can also withdraw funds from PayPal to a landbank account.

    Here’s my success story:


    More power to PTB!

  • I Just want to ask if it is possible to link mg PNB ATM Credit Card (Savings Account) in Paypal? How?

    Your reply will be greatly appreciated…


  • kKk

    hey just wanna ask, how do you start with paypal? do you really need a bank account in the philippines just to link with your paypal account? dba pwede over the counter na lang ang pag deposito sa paypal account mo? thank you!

  • Bebelou palanas

    pwede po ba ang metrobank sa paypal? I have also my BDO cash card, pwede rin po ba yun?

  • loidy

    can i use bpi express international card in my paypal account

  • kimbert

    Has anyone tried to withdraw from paypal to RCBC SAVINGS ACCOUNT?

  • Hello. Is it possible to transfer funds from Paypal to a BDO Cash Card account? I would appreciate a response. Thank you very much! 😀

  • The ease of doing business in the Philippines has gotten better, now a lot of payment scheme exist and platforms are available. Transaction is easier specially if it involved foreign companies transacting here in the Philippines and vice versa. Payments can easily be claimed unlike 10 years ago. E-commerce in the Philippines has improved significantly since the past several years and the country is well posed to handle e-payments.

  • Rae Zeik

    Hello, can I withdraw funds to a Landbank of the Philippines atm card? I would appreciate a clear response. Thank you so much