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PayPal launches new Seller Protection for eBay Sellers

PayPal, an eBay company, yesterday announced that it is launching new protection for its Filipino eBay sellers.

  • The new coverage will provide protection against unauthorized payments and claims for items not received for eligible items sold on eBay websites.
  • Sellers will benefit from a new feature which alerts them of potential, high-risk transactions within moments of receiving a payment so that they don’t ship their items until the payment clears ““ helping them to reduce their losses.
  • The addition of seller protection helps Philippine sellers by reducing their burdens of online risk and for making selling on eBay with PayPal even safer and easier. Seller protection is free and has no annual coverage limit.

This new protection mechanism was made effective last June 15, 2009. Coverage is free. All you need to do is simply follow the rules below:

When you ship your items…

  • Be an eBay seller with a Premier/Business account registered in qualified countries.
  • Accept only full payments from the same PayPal account (no partial payments).
  • Receive payment via PayPal for tangible items sold on eBay.
  • Check eligibility in your “˜Transaction Details’ by logging in to PayPal, go to your Account History and click on the “˜Details’ link next to the transaction.
  • Ship to the buyer’s address shown on PayPal’s “˜Transaction Details’ page when the payment status indicates it’s “œOK to ship” Learn more about Payment Review.

All transactions are covered, except in the following cases:

  • Digital goods (downloadable software), services or intangible items.
  • In-person delivery or local pick-ups.
  • Transactions for cars, boats and other vehicles.
  • Unauthorised payments for transactions outside of eBay.
  • Where adequate proof of shipment or delivery is not provided.
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