PESO challenge semifinalists

Here are the semifinalists to the PESO (Philippine Emerging Startups Open) Challenge. The PESO challenge is, as Ka Edong puts it, a “pagalingan ng business plan” contest where angel investors will provide the much-needed moolah for your tech business dream.

Interestingly, while the majority are ICT-based, there are projects based on biotechnology and some are relatively “low tech”. Not that I’m putting it down, of course. They are pretty cool, and make you ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Here are some descriptions.

“Scum and go”

Our product is a pond treatment that breaks down wastes that accumulate in fish ponds. While bacteria has long been employed in hobby aquaria, its use in commercial scale fish ponds has been limited by shelf life and cost. Our product is uniquely positioned because bacteria propagation and preservation costs are minimal compared to competing products from the west. Although similar preparations are available locally, these are usually in liquid form, hence heavy, bulky and perishable. Because our preparation is in powdered form, it is smaller, easier to handle and has a considerably longer shelf life.

Kamlong (kamatis and talong (tomato and eggplant) hybrid)

Eggplant and tomato in one? Possible, with the technology produced at the countryside-the CLSU Kamlong. The technology aims to increase tomato production especially during off season and increase productivity of tomato farmers by producing high value crops. By allowing the eggplant strong rootstock to serve as foundation for grafted tomato scion, production of resistant and high quality tomatoes will be realized while letting the eggplant generate its fruit. Thus, the introduction of the technology ensures two captive markets for our tomato farmers during off season. Create business and be the boss, generate employment and help people, change lives with Kamlong.

Wa-moi (“Walang amoy” (“No odor”), get it?)

Change in technology to piggery business has arrived. Septic tank and disinfectant spray now only serves as old habits for eliminating foul odor. “œMulti-Animal System” is a probiotic technology that contributes to the health of animals, lessen odor, and enhance decomposition. Through MAS, it is now possible for people living in urban areas to start a piggery farm business either intensive or extensive without the fear of environmental hazards and conflicts with the neighbors thus, increasing and promoting entrepreneurship in the country. Additional income is also possible because of organic fertilizer production coming from the manure of the animals.

Go, go, go, Pinoy techies!

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