Phantom 4 Advanced Vs. Phantom 4 Pro - The 4 Differences
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Phantom 4 Advanced Vs. Phantom 4 Pro – The 4 Differences

To the uninitiated, all drones might look the same to them. Especially if they only see the DJI brand’s world-famous Phantom 4 drones as mere flight machines that can take your picture. For drone enthusiasts, there’s a fine line to be drawn, even between drones of the same maker. For example, there are four major differences between the Phantom 4 Advanced, and the Phantom 4 Pro.

1. Flight Autonomy System

The Phantom 4 Advanced lacks the five-direction obstacle sencing that the Pro features. For the Advanced, it only keeps an obstacle sensor for the front, and a sensor below it. Thus, the Pro contains three extra sets of visual systems to avoid obstacles behind, and its sides.

2. Live View Working Frequency

The Phantom 4 Pro allows users to choose between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Unlike the Phantom 4 Advanced, the Pro aims to gain clearer signal stability in high radio interference areas


3. Price

Phantom 4 Advanced gains the upper hand here by offering a lower price than the Pro.  Retailing at only PHP 73,200, each purchase comes with a standard remote controller. Meanwhile, the Advanced+ package retails at PHP 91,500.

Inversely, the Pro retails at PHP 91,500 with a standard remote. Last but not least, the Phantom 4 Pro+ package is also available, retailing for PHP 109,800. The only difference here lies in its high-luminance display remote controller freebie.


4. Weight

With a weight of 20 grams, the Advanced is lighter than the Pro. This may be attributed to the weight of the materials used, and the extra parts needed for extra sensors.

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