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Philippine Emerging Startups Open Founder Featured

The Sunday Inquirer Magazine has a feature on Neil Ruiz of Philippine Emerging Startups Open.

In his words, the PESO is:

about trying to provide that kind of environment where people can take risks. Venture capitalists do have money but they just haven’t found the right ideas. What we’re trying to do is help identify those ideas and incubate them. We’re not looking for people who just want to put up franchises or follow trends because they’re safe ideas. You need to innovate on new types of businesses if you want to make a big impact on the economy and start up jobs. The more creative you are, the more risks you take.

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  • I just hope that this becomes an annual thing so that when I eventually come up with my own big idea for the next big thing, they’d be there to help.

  • Bit,

    You have about a month to come up with a ultramagnetic pop idea. Business plan summaries are due on Sept 19.


  • btw, additional link:

    PESO blog – http://peso.blogs.com/

    ka edong