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Philippine Telecoms: The Model for the World?

In the article, RP mobile phone penetration growth can be replicated–Smart, the CEO is quoted as to how countries with low daily income could follow the Philippine model. This complements the common statement that we are the “SMS Capital of the World.”

What countries can follow our model? Are we setting a good example?

On the other hand, we only have two major operators, a weak 3G infrastructure, a low penetration of smartphones necessary for advanced services, and lots of complaints.

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  • we are all free to dream..

  • rommel

    In the Philippines, you can find poor people buying e-load instead of the pieces of bread to nourish themselves. How could that be a good model?

  • Ah yes but he have good mobile phone penetration never the less. However, the Philippines has some unique traits that make ideal for mobile phones.

    1. Micro-payment (Tingi) Philosophy
    2. Loves to Keep in Touch (Socially Pliable)
    3. Literate Population

    most poorer countries may have the first two. but not all of them have the third.

    more on my Musings on Third World Mobile.