Philippines in Digg

Just for the heck of it, I decided to search Digg for the most “dugg” stories about the Philippines. The results are quite interesting.

Here are the five top (or highly dugg) stories about the Philippines:

#5. Mobile Phone Virus Found in the United States

Unfortunately, I can’t find the original story, but apparently Reuters had reported that the world’s first mobile phone virus “in the wild” has spread to the United States from its birthplace in the Philippines. It got 58 diggs.

#4. FBI “Sex Tour” Site Lured Predators

An interesting story of how the FBI last year set up the Wicked Adventures Travel website that purported to offer “exotic excursions” to the Philippines and Thailand. The web site looked innocent enough, but the site was advertised in sex-oriented newsgroups and embedded meta tags in its html pages which included terms like “sex tourism,” “lolita,” “nymphet,” “asian virgins,” “pedoland,” and various phrases associated with child pornography (“pthc,” “hussyfan,” and “babyj”). Additionally, a “confidential information form” on the site asks prospective travelers about “age preference” for their “companion.” The choices are 12 and under, 13-15, 16-17, and 18 and above.

The site got 883 diggs.

#3. Homeland Security opening private mail

Last month Goodman, an 81-year-old retired University of Kansas history professor, received a letter from his friend in the Philippines that had been opened and resealed with a strip of dark green tape bearing the words “œby Border Protection” and carrying the official seal of the Department of Homeland Security.

It got 1244 diggs.

#2. Life Without Windows

Manila Standard’s Chin Wong writes about using Ubuntu instead of Windows. Submitted to Digg by yours truly, and garnered 1695 diggs.

And the story with the highest diggs…

#1. Spy caught in the White House

Old news about Leandro Aragoncillo, a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, who used his top secret clearance as Dick Cheney’s staff to steal classified documents from White House computers.

It got 1878 diggs.

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  • I wonder how Manila Standard Today managed being dugg.