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Philippines ranks high in the Happy People Index

According to the Happy Planet Index, Philippines ranks 17th, way above other first-world countries such as Japan and the United States.

What exactly is the Happy Planet Index?  According to the site, it’s “an innovative new measure that shows the ecological efficiency with which human well-being is delivered.” It represents “the average years of happy life produced by a given society, nation or group of nations, per unit of planetary resources consumed. Put another way, it represents the efficiency with which countries convert the earth’s finite resources into well-being experienced by their citizens.”

We are accustomed to comparing countires in terms of crude riches or what they trade. Some countries earn, or are given, reputations for music, sporting excellence, food, or as holiday destinations. There are international league tables for performance on a range of issues from corruption to football. This website introduces a measure of something more fundamental. It addresses the relative success or failure of countries in supporting good life for their citizens, whilst repecting the environmental resource limits upon which our lives depend.

Thanks to Dvorak for pointing out this site.

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  • hardly understand the explanation, but who cares as long as we’re happy? 🙂 let’s all head for vanuatu!

  • I am nice man with happy feelings, all of the time!Master Betty.

  • hahahaha.

  • Happy.

    No classes until Friday.

    Definitely happy.

    Happy person.


  • jash

    im alive, loved, healthy, blessed.. great reasons to be happy 🙂

  • baluga01

    dapat lang no? kahit puro problema. yan ang NOYPI!

  • That’s good news. Do you think it’s bliss in ignorance?

  • Experiment626

    The explanation to the top ranking of island nations? Island-dwellers are masters of the simple life – happiness can be found in many ways other than material wealth & possessions (all of which consume vast amounts of natural resources & energy).

    BTW, the article is mistitled – it’s the Happy Planet index, not the Happy People index.