Philips DVP5100K

Philips DVP5100KMy brother just bought a Philips DVP5100K for the ultimate audio visual experience without the hassle. Just imagine this, you do not have to watch DivX videos on your computer and sit there for two hours or more. Also, you do not have to burn movies in VCD format or DVD format. If you have the complete series of Friends on your computer and you want to watch it with your legs extended on the Lazyboy, then this is highly recommended for you.

It supports playback of DVD, DVD +R/RW, DVD ““R/RW, (S)VCD, DivX 3.11/4/5/6.x movies. For music, it supports playback of audio CD, MP3 CD, CD-R/W and Windows Media Audio. In addition to that, you could also view your JPEG/Kodak CD. To extend the capabilities of this media player, you can update the codecs by inserting the CD or DVD with the codec in its root directory and press the play button.

It also includes progressive scan which enables you to display twice the number of frames per second than the ordinary normal TV system. With such feature, you may enjoy the benefits of higher picture resolution and quality. Before you can enable this feature, make sure that your TV set is a progressive scan TV.

It also has the capability to enlarge the picture (zoom in) and to pan through the enlarged picture. This feature will be great for the picture CD just in case you want to see more of the details in a certain picture. In addition, this function is also available for video.

However, one minor setback of this player is that it can only play the first session of a multi-session disc. Another minor setback would be experiencing occasional pixilation during an MPEG-4 and DivX playback which is primarily caused by poor clarity of digital contents during downloading. Another thing is that if you’re watching a certain number of episodes in a DVD (in DivX format), you might have a hard time finding which file to play because of the lack of a long file name display (such would normally have longer file names). Also, purchase of this one won’t include a microphone even if it’s also built for karaoke.

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  • Looks like Philips is really pro-digital media, unlike Sony (who owns a studio and a record company!) I believe Philips was the first to come out with “branded” MP3 playback on stereos. For those of us with a budget, maybe the clone DVD players will have DivX. Imagine, DivX on dual layer… 20 hours on a single disc!

  • mparaz,

    i recently visited the sony shop, they do have products with MP3 and DivX… and even a HIFI where you can plug your USB storage device and it plays all your mp3. It also has a HIFI that you can plug your laptop through USB and play your MP3s in your PC. neat right? i only wish they went wirelss rather than USB hehehe


  • Sony’s MP3 products are recent. Remember MiniDisc and ATRAC?

  • definitely there will be future clone dvd players that would support divx. 🙂
    reverse engineering anyone? hehe

  • Spurs

    This looks like a rookie compared to my Rapsody RSH-100. Check-out and see for yourself. Can you upgrade the Firmware of this one? I highly doubt.