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Philips Gadget Shopping Guide for Christmas 2012

Want to start your Christmas shopping early? Check out this consumer lifestyle product shopping guide ranging from personal to home gadgets from Philips that would fit any member of your household.

For music junkies

Family members and friends who are certified music junkies, even fitness enthusiasts, will find themselves smiling when you present them with either of these Philips mp3 players””the Philips GoGEAR SoundDOT (Php1,990) and the Philips GoGEAR Action MP3 player (Price TBA).


Both of these are compact mp3 players designed for convenience and perfect workout companion. The SoundDOT is a flash drive for easy transfer of songs. It has a clip for easy attachment. It also comes in 3 fun colors: blue, pink and white with green highlight. On the other hand, the GoGEAR Action is a music player and earphones in one compact device. It utilizes FullSound technology, which faithfully restores sonic details to compressed mp3 songs, resulting in richer sound. Moreover, the splash and dust proof GoGEAR Action also features a built-in pedometer with voice prompts to optimize workouts.


If you like taking your music to the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with the Philips Shoqbox (Php11,990). This portable wireless speaker may appear to be small, but its small frame carries powerful twin speaker drivers that deliver big sound that doesn’t crack. The Shoqbox is splash and drop proof. It features a motion sensor and voice prompt for swift navigation and notification. It comes in three colors: black, green and purple. 

For fun evenings and mornings

width="504"The Philips Clock Radio AJ310 (Price TBA) puts a whole new spin to fun as it is essentially a talking radio that announces time in English, French or German, and even serves as a fun learning tool for kids. On game mode, the Clock Radio displays a random time in analog or digital format and waits for the child to adjust the time to match what’s displayed. The clock also has built-in fun sounds for bedtime and wake up alarms.

For kitchen-savvy moms and budding chefs


Philips promotes healthier eating this Christmas season with its Philips AirFryer (Php20,520), an innovation that uses Air to fry food with its patented Rapid Air technology. This means 80% less fat in your fried dishes, giving the family a healthy way to enjoy fried food with lower fat and greater convenience without compromising on taste. The AirFryer also features a food separator for frying multiple items at once.


Another aid to healthy cooking from Philips is its Induction Cooker (Php7,550). This cooker seals more nutrients in the food, and utilizes 2000W power to reduce cooking time by 30%. It starts cooking at the touch of the start key and is also extra safe for children with its cool-to-touch surface. And it also comes with a variety of cooking programs for healthy eating.

For on-the-go homemakers

Homemakers can easily remove creases from clothes and get rid of dust around the home with the Philips ActiveTouch Garment Steamer (Php10,860) and the Philips Stick Duo Cleaner (Php14,390).

width="504"The ActiveTouch Garment Steamer is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and goes through shirts, trousers and dresses with continuous steam, removing creases from clothes and making them look neat and tidy in the shortest time possible. Experience the convenience of this compact garment steamer with its special suction function which gently stretches clothes, simultaneously delivering steam and suction to straighten up the garment in a few strokes.

The Stick Duo FC6161, on the other hand, is a 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner that allows one to clean both floor and furniture. It is a cordless and bagless vacuum that utilizes 16.8V batteries for a more powerful suction. It has a HEPA filter to trap even the finest dust and cyclonic airflow to ensure optimal, high suction power and lasting cleaning performance. And its 2-stage filtration system ensures that the first filter blocks the most dirt and the second one traps the finest dust particles.

For coffee lovers


Coffee enthusiasts are in for a treat for this holiday season as Philips offers its Philips Saeco Intelia automatic espresso machine HD8753 (Php89,990). This one-touch coffee machine allows users to prepare espresso exactly the way they want it, from bean to cup, at the touch of a button. The Intelia features an integrated automatic milk function with easy refill that allows for a very customizable and satisfying espresso. Furthermore, the Intelia lets you adjust coffee strength and temperature, and its ceramic grinders preserve coffee aroma and flavors. The Intelia is easy to clean with its automatic cleaning and de-scaling.

For men who want a smooth shave

Men can now take grooming to the next level with the Philips Styleshaver QS6140 (Php7,599), an all-in-one tool for shaving, trimming and styling. As a dual-ended beard shaver and styler, the Styleshaver allows men to express themselves every day with various looks. It is also a full size trimmer with 12 length settings, offering variety and flexibility for length.


Another option is the Philips Tiger Shaver PQ202 (Php999), an electric shaver that ensures a clean shave with no nicks or cuts, as it adjusts to every curve of the face and neck. This cordless battery shaver makes use of self-sharpening blades for added convenience.

For women who want to look stunning

For women who want to stand out with their hairstyles, Philips offers the Philips Hair Curler HP8600 (Php2,999), the Philips Hair Straightener HP8339 (Php5,499) and the ActiveCare Hair Dryer HP8270 (Php8,999).

width="504"The Hair Curler HP8600 makes use of a 32mm curling tong with ceramic coating to deliver naturally bouncy curls. This curler heats up fairly quickly at 60 seconds and is also safe to use with its cool tip. Its counterpart, the Hair Straightener HP8600, not only straightens hair smoothly and efficiently, but also protects hair from overheating with its Dual-Care plates.

Finally, the ActiveCare Hair Dryer HP8270 adds more body and bounce to hair, with a TempPrecision sensor that maintains hair temperature to keep healthy moisture intact. The volume diffuser dries hair healthily, reduces frizz and increases volume by spreading the airflow across the hair. Lastly, it has six flexible speed and temperature settings for full control.

For pearly white teeth all year round

Christmas is the time for feasting and can put a toll on your oral health because of plaque buildup. So make the switch from manual brushing to SoniCare EasyClean (Php5,499) toothbrush that gives you better plaque removal while helping to whiten teeth. Its patented sonic technology drives fluid between teeth and along the gum line to access the hard to reach area of the mouth. The EasyClean also features the ProResults interchangeable brush heads that aids in plaque removal.


Instill healthy brushing habits at an early age with SoniCare for Kids (Php6,999). Its age-appropriate brush heads are specifically designed to gently clean and protect teeth at key developmental stages of your little one. It also has two kid-friendly power modes that adapt to give a gentle clean that is ideal for different ages. To keep kids interested, its KidPacer feature gives fun and engaging musical tones to encourage them to brush the front and back of their upper and lower teeth within the dentist recommended duration of 2 minutes.

For busy moms who want the best for baby

The holidays can get moms caught up in shopping, gift wrapping and other preparations for the season. But what if taking care of baby might be a handful? Worry not because Philips Avent can be mom’s best friend for the holidays.


Get the assurance you need even if you aren’t around with Philips Avent Dect Audio Monitor SCD505 (Php6,699.75). Feel closer to your little one with the Dect Audio Monitor’s high quality and crystal clear sound so you can hear baby’s every giggle, gurgle and hiccup. It also features a rechargeable wireless parent unit that allows you to move 330 meters around the unit. Furthermore, the Dect Audio Monitor helps soothe baby to sleep with its built-in night light and lullabies and a 2-way talk option that lets you talk to your baby no matter where you are inside your house.


The holidays mean snuggling up for warmth, but not when your little one is hot from a fever. Gentle and accurate, Philips Avent Digital Thermometer Set SCH540 (Php1,999.75) helps you get the exact measurement of baby’s temperature. Featuring a soft, flexible tip digital thermometer and a specially designed pacifier thermometer, the set is designed to enable easy transition from pacifier to temperature measurement.


For 99.9% germ free cleaning, Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer SCF284 (Php6,499.75) is the perfect gift for moms who want to save on kitchen space while making sterilization an easy task.  Featuring adjustable sizing, the small size configuration of the sterilizer allows for soother sterilization while the medium configuration is perfect for breast pumps, toddler plates, knives and forks. Meanwhile, its large configuration is perfect for sterilizing six baby bottles.  Lastly, it features a six minute cycle with automatic shut-off making sure you use less energy consumption.

It’s the season for giving and these Philips products lined are perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays. Whatever your needs, and whoever you’re giving presents to, Philips has got you covered.

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    If that GoGear Action mp3 player sells for a decent price, it might be a good competitor against sony walkman’s nwz-w262, especially for joggers and dancers.