Philips intros Blade, the ultra-slim LED monitor


Philips recently introduced their thinnest LED monitor to date. Their new generation Philips Blade has a stylishly thin 12.9mm chassis that would match any desktop setup. The high gloss finish makes the Blade an elegant piece of your workspace.

philipsblade01  philipsblade00

The Philips Blade comes in 21.5″ and 23″ model with the latter being HDMI-ready for Full HD entertainment. Both models have a whopping 20,000,000:1 super high contrast ratio for incredible rich black details. The Blade also comes with SmartImage that dynamically optimize the contrast, color saturation and sharpness of images and videos. Gaming aficionados will love its SmartResponse which gives the Blade a lightning-fast 2m/s refresh for fast gaming.


A part of its stunning design is its base which houses the SmartTouch key control. No ugly buttons on its surface but instead, the touch controls are located on its base and will illuminate only upon touch for a seamless glossy black design.


The 21.5″ model will retail for Php8,900 while the 23″ one will fetch for Php9,900. The 23-inch sounds really tempting, for under 10k you would get a slim LED monitor that can do Full HD from a very reputable brand.

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  • perfect timing. Pabili ako ngayon ng monitor. good thing nagbabasa muna ko ng PTB hehe.

    • Art

      Pwede ba tong pang-TV??

      • nope. monitor lang talaga.

  • anon

    pwedeng gamitin sa ps3 via hdmi cable?

    • yep pwede.

    • Your reviews are bias. Do you get free product or paid for these reviews? The Philips blade is horrible as are all Philips 2ms led/LCD monitors. IF you’re thing is ghosts and artifacts go for it. It’s factory settings for gamma are utter nonsense and have to be calibrated significantly out of the box.

      Philippines always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to consumer products. Most of the products shipped by distributors in this country are old out of date products or lemons that couldn’t hedge it in the states and or Europe and have been significantly discounted and sold to distributors here who have could care less their selling inferior crap to their uninformed consumers.

      • stan

        amen to that brother!

        i bought this monitor and regretted it! its pretty horrible!

        no more philips for me!

  • karl

    I regretted buying this one. Mine didn’t reach 5 months. I thought this was a good buy since it had hdmi, was ultra thin, and LED. BUT, the monitor blacked out, called the repairman and they said possible sa backlight. Ganyan ka dali nasira ang backlight! A super let-down. I wont buy a monitor from Philips again (or other philips product for that matter). Had to wait for this monitor to be repaired that took a month. My old Samsung LCD monitor is still alive after 2 yrs. So dont waste your money on this.