Philips LCD monitors: Better late than never

I was surprised to find out that it is only just recently that Philips began selling its LCD monitors in the local market.

In a press launch last week, Philips introduced their “œE” series of LCD monitors which is the only series that would be made available here in the Philippines for now.

The Philips “œE” series line is the most basic LCD monitor that they have and comes in 16″ (160E1SB), 19″ (192E1SB) and 22″ (22E1SB) widescreen display.


All three models can accept VGA and digital DVI signals and display hi-def signals with the 22″ having the capability of displaying Full HD 1920x1080p resolution.

As for the price? The 16″ will go for Php5,695, 18″ ““ Php7,595 and the 22″ goes for Php9,495.

So when will the other much cooler models arrive here? According to their product manager, it depends on how the market plays out with the entry of these introductory models.

Philips LightFrame

I got a glimpse of the Philips LightFrame LCD Monitor at the event. It is said that its light blue glowing frame is soothing to the eyes and improves concentration.

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