Phishing: are local banks doing enough?

previous post by J. Angelo Racoma mentions that customers of Metrobank are now the target of phishing attacks. I have always believed that the best defense against this type of attack is user awareness.  Have our local banks done enough to educate their customers?

I checked the various bank websites if they made any attempt to inform users on phishing and other types of attacks.  Citibank has a link.  So do BPI and HSBC. Though Metrobank has a privacy page, there is no mention of phishing.  Equitable, Union Bank, UCPB, PNB, and Banco de Oro have nothing at all on online security.   RCBC merely explains how their bank protects information, but does nothing to educate the customer.

Looks like local banks are doing a poor job…


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  • not so enough…

  • Modern market education from the local banking industry?


  • i would like to read a news artile of an incident of a phishing scam that goes successfully here locally.. because if i am a bank it would only bothers me if someone actually pulled it off and gets away with it..

  • In fairness to Metrobank, they sent an email just today, informing of such malicious emails.
    But it think there should also be an online advisory or press release from the banks regarding these incidents.

  • reactor

    Phishing is something that is really hard to control, since not all internet users are so tech savvy to determine which is true and which is not.

    When this came out, some of our fellow network guys in different networks agreed to block the IP’s of the MetroBank phishing website until further notice. It would be great if competing service providers will somehow join hands in combating and blocking malicious sites reported to them. The computing/ICT government entities are honcho’s sitting ther a**es doing nothing, such a waste of taxpayers money. They should somehow devise a memorandum/SOP on things such as these. PH-CERT are also useless in my opinion.

  • baluga01

    two things. they just all want our money and leaving no one secured!

  • gerard

    I’d like to share also a funny experience with metrobank Philippines. As they say they the biggest bank in the Philippines. You be the judge: Today I went to Metrobank in Fairview, commonwealth ave. I have an account with Metrobank but it’s my payroll account. Im resigning, so my account will be closed. Since i have a Metrobank mastercard, it was easy do internet banking to pay my credit card. So I decided to open account. so i went to metrobank Fairview, and the new accounts guy said that i need 2 id’s in which i provided. But the guy said that i need a xerox copy, and he told me to copy it outside and come back. HUH? duh… what? You mean, you don’t have a xerox copier. And i’m a client and you’re asking me to do something for you? And you want me to believe that Metrobank is the largest bank in the Philippines. But how come when i opened an account with BPI and BDO, they never asked me to make a copy of my id’s. they did it themselves. Now that’s great customer service. Ah, Metrobank is the biggest bank in the Philippines, cuz they’re so cheap, so cheap in investing items from for their branch and that’s why they have so much funds. But, i must say, that their the worst in customer service!!!
    So, I went to the branch manager, and said not all have copiers, okay fine. but do all banks ask their customers to go out and make the copies for their file. Wow! No f…. way i’ll be treated like that. The branch manager’s name is Rochelle M. Molina, when i spoke with her, she said that it’s been a complaint. And yet she’s just tolerating the complaint. Wow, Ms. Molina, if you cannot handle and resolve a simple complaint like that previously, to all metrobank customers especially fairview branch, please be worried with your investments with Metrobank.
    The funny part is, this Rochelle Molina stands for her operations. You don’t do your xerox copy of your ID, thus, no account for you. She also stated that all her customers call first and they tell their customers over the phone to bring xerox of their id’s. So what about walk in clients??? Oh well. I’ll stay with my old bank. And just cut my credit card with Metrobank.

  • Ruzzel

    count UCPB Novaliches Branch, poor customer service, they wont even let you explain why you are opening an account with them, and this teller girl in the new accounts section even raise her voice, so what I did i emailed them and immediately I got a call from the manager Ms. Marilou De Guzman apologizing, I told her we will never go back to their branch.