Photo-Tip: Digital Colorsplashing

I expect two sorts of readers to take my tip into practice: those who are familiar with the hyped-up concept of colorsplashing, and those who want to try something new with their digital cameras.

As part of my campaign in educating Lomo Society/Lomography victims, here’s one way to save you money in creating those fancy ‘colorsplashed‘ effect via any point-and-shoot digicam.

Pick from any of these accessories:
-colored camera filters, like so (these are Russian-made):
-a PRO-grade flash professional photographer’s actually use, with colored filters (unlike the oddly designed, and crude colorplash flash)
-colored cellophane, or more popularly, yema wrappers

Now, set your camera to flash-mode, put your chosen accessory in front of your camera’s flash bulb, and shoot away! Here’s a sample, in Picasa2-generated collage form (click to enlarge image):


That wasn’t so hard, and expensive, was it? If you’d rather waste your funds on cleverly marketed products ($35 for the flash accessory, $75 for the camera), its your stupid, stupid call.

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  • rain… good take on the colorsplash… yeah, i bought a colorsplash, medyo delicate cya and madaling masira… any flash will do and all you need is to be creative sa mga flash filters… yema wrappers, wow, that’s a good idea.

    the colosplash flash package includes the weird flash and 12 yema wrappers… hahahaha.

  • Pardon my overly opinionated view on this Kim. I know you know wala naman akong pinapatama talaga, and I also know you understand where I’m coming from 🙂