Photoshop CS Tip: Holga Simulator

Anyone into pop-culture kitsch would have heard about this bloated Lomography fad (my thoughts here), and the legendary Holga toy camera. If you’d rather not bother yourself fiddling with film – moreso, 120 rollfilm (not your ordinary 35mm) – but a curiosity did spark, you can download this Photoshop ‘actlet’ available at Adobe Studio Exchange (FREE registration required).

The actlet author mentions that this is best used by utilizing a digital camera with at least 4 megapixels, and images sized at 2300 x 1700. By default, it converts color photos to black-and-white, but there are dialog boxes to guide you on what to do in case you’d like to keep the image colored, or to lessen blur effects.

Original sample image is set at 1704 x 2272

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  • John

    This is one interesting blog. You go Rain! hehehehe.

  • I just bought myself a Lomo Compact Automat… and have started taking shots in different lighting situations, hopefully the prints will come out great…

    Thanks for the photshop trick though… it’ll make it easier to make my favorite images into holgafied works of art.

  • Mayaman ka joachim! Never considered buying one of those. Too expensive, and reportedly, sirain. Settled for a Kiev 35a.

    Probably when it was priced around $15, before the Lomography fad ever existed.

  • di naman, so far, this is my first manual camera, beginner lang ako sa photography, and mostly, beginner din sa lomography, next week bibili naman ako ng colorspash flash para mala-magazine ang dating ng mga shots. I got the Lomo for $95 sa tindahan ng mga damit and furniture… sa it was priced $260… so i got a really good deal.

  • Dude, get a decent semi-pro/pro-grade flash with colored filters na lang. You can check out some Vivitar units, I think. Mga 2k yata.

    And you’ve probably heard this before: yema wrappers and a flash unit works well, too 🙂 Digital colorsplashing? 🙂

  • 2k… medyo mahal, I just saw one for 30 bones sa ebay… one made for the LC-A, pero Yeah Yema wrappers work too. ang ganda ng effect ng colorsplashing sa site mo… im excited tuloy na itry…

  • Your call, man. Heard the colorsplash flash doesn’t work on some digital cameras with hotshoes.

  • yeah, i know… pero im going to buy it for the LC-a lang talaga.. and most digicams have their own flash naman eh diba?

  • True.

    You can also try buying a cheap, upright flash in Hidalgo, branded as Wilson. Got mine for 150p, and I’d highly recommend it to Lomo Smena users, since it already has a pc cord set to it (Smena’s have ‘coldshoes’). No colored filters, though.

  • just bought the color splash flash that was built specifically for the LC-A… was thinking of buying a Holga… astig din kasi for a total of $80 may kasama nang 12 lens filters as well as the camera having a built in colored flash. (kasama na shipping)

  • Ingatan mo na lang flash mo. Heard its also temperamental like the LC-A.

    I don’t know. Lens filters really make sense for pro-use, pero kung fun-toy camera use, magdadalawang isip ako. That’s just me, anyway.

  • true… thanks sa mga tips… now to get back to learning the LCA

  • bakit nauwi sa colorsplash flash usapan ninyo hehehe

  • doon kasi ako nakatira eh… hehehe j/k

  • charm manalo

    hi! may alam po ba kayong nabibilhan ng Holga 120s sa pilipinas? at pwede po ba ipa-develop ang pics niya, or ikaw mismo ang magdedevelop? thanks!