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Photoshop CS Tip: Holga Simulator

Anyone into pop-culture kitsch would have heard about this bloated Lomography fad (my thoughts here), and the legendary Holga toy camera. If you’d rather not bother yourself fiddling with film – moreso, 120 rollfilm (not your ordinary 35mm) – but a curiosity did spark, you can download this Photoshop ‘actlet’ available at Adobe Studio Exchange (FREE registration required).

The actlet author mentions that this is best used by utilizing a digital camera with at least 4 megapixels, and images sized at 2300 x 1700. By default, it converts color photos to black-and-white, but there are dialog boxes to guide you on what to do in case you’d like to keep the image colored, or to lessen blur effects.

Original sample image is set at 1704 x 2272

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