I really like the minimalist approach of google’s services…. They are merely simple in nature but the given function is prolific indeed. So we’ve ditched up our so-so-old cameras, and we now have top of the line digital ones’, we have tons of pictures right into our hard disk drive, now we need to organize them. Problem is, we want far more better control in correcting our digital photos, we need a software that barely organizes our photos at the same time edit them with less hassle workarounds, we basically don’t need technicalities and complexities to learn picture organizers, all we want is the “user-friendly-thing” one to manage our picture files in no time (hassle free). Picasa for sure is a recommended application solution for mainstream digital photo management, it plays almost all of what we need to manage, organize, enhance, and share our captured photos digitally. Below is the brief overview of Picasa’s feature, check out the rest information at their site here.

Organize – Picasa instantly locates and organizes all the pictures on your computer.

  • Move and re-name pictures from inside Picasa
  • Make a label.
  • Add a star rating.
  • Keep one picture in multiple albums.
  • Password-protect collections.

Edit – turn a gray sky into a picture-perfect day.

  • Write captions that stay with the picture.
  • Know how to use a camera in manual mode

Share – the hardest part of sharing your pictures is choosing your favorites.

  • Send photos via email that are a joy to receive using Gmail
  • Put pictures on your own site, for free
  • Make beautiful slide shows
  • Move to any device or folder.

Prints & Products – print beautiful pictures at home with more custom sizes or order prints, gifts and books from your favorite online companies.

  • Custom and standard sizes are now fit to print at home
  • Export pictures to popular photo processing websites

Backup – don’t lose your digital memories. Safely back up your photos with Picasa

  • Burn to CD or DVD for archive purposes
  • Give gift CDs with slide shows
  • Create a network backup of your pictures

Create – enjoy your pictures in fun, creative ways ““ it’s what photography’s all about

  • Turn your photos into a movie
  • Make a personalized desktop picture or screensaver
  • Create a poster
  • Make picture collages
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  • Picasa is somewhat known as, I guess, the PC equivalent for Mac’s iPhoto.

    My main beef is, you can’t make a slideshow with sound. I’ll be reviewing a software soon that can do that seamlessly 🙂

  • You’re right…. I’m looking forward to that.