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Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Bigbrother or Pinoybigbrother

Why am I posting something about Pinoy Big Brother when I know absolutely nothing about the show? I’ve never watched the show and I’ve never visited their website before today. If you ask me who the characters are, you’ll get a blank stare. I don’t even know why I’m not drawn to the show. I’d rather watch the Soriano guy from Ang Dating Daan and the ministers from Ang Tamang Daan go at it on TV. That’s how much entertainment value I think I’ll get from watching PBB.

But I do know that it’s one hot search commodity. The [pinoy big brother] keyword has inspired quite a few bloggers to switch niches, albeit temporarily. What would force a solid SEO blog like Macalua.com to suddenly join the Pinoy Big Brother parade online? Traffic, baby. I’m selling my soul to the traffic gods, ergo this post about Pinoybigbrother (I’ll explain later).

The Pinoy Big Brother Parade

Let’s take a look at the Pinoy Bigbrother (I’ll explain this again later) parade of sites that feature information about the reality show:

  • At number 1, we have the official Pinoy Big Brother website splash page, hosted at abs-cbn.com. I was expecting to get something better than this.
  • At number 3, we have Abe’s monstrous PR4 Sey on Pinoy Big Brother post, with over 20,000 page views and over 250 fan comments.
  • At numbers 6 to 8, we have equally monstrous blog posts from garinungkadol.com (138 comments), Manuel Viloria and Rickey (448 comments).
  • Sitting at #13 is a cafepress.com affiliate site taking advantage of the, you guessed it, Pinoy Big Brother mania.
  • At #18 is Markku’s PBB subdomain. Excellent AdSense blending/placement on that page.

Why do you think people are writing about Pinoy Big Brother? Some are real fans, some on the other hand (like me) are writing for the traffic. And this is where it gets interesting.

How Much Traffic Does [Pinoy Big Brother] Bring?

If we’re to base it on Abe’s post, I would say, a lot. If I were to base it on Wordtracker, the Count for [pinoy big brother] is 206 and it’s Predict is at 184. Pretty profitable keywords if you ask me, considering that keyword [pinoy] is 240 and 215.

Count – number of times keyword has appeared in the last 353,555,337 searches over the last 130 days.
Predict – estimated searches for this keyword across all engines/directories/pay per bid in the last 24 hrs.

Tips for the Next Pinoy Big Brother Poster

Should you write about PBB? If it means more contextual advertising revenues for you, by all means, please go ahead. I’m not sure we need more Pinoy Big Brother resources online but if you have exclusive scandalous photos of the housemates before and during PBB, do a great service and put them online!

Before you post those nasty photos, here are some SEO tips for you. If you plan to optimize for just the Pinoy Big Brother keyword, don’t. Aside from the names of the housemates which you can use as keywords, there are 25 other keywords being used by searchers when going online to look for [pinoy big brother] data. Take advantage of misspellings like [pinoy bigbrother] and [pinoybigbrother]. People are actually typing those in to the search engines!

Here’s a list of Pinoy Bigbrother keywords researched from Wordtracker, complete with Count and Predict data:

  • pinoy big brother (206, 184)
  • pinoy bigbrother (24, 21)
  • pinoybigbrother (20, 18)
  • pinoy big brothers (16, 14)
  • pinoy big brother theme (10, 9)
  • pinoy big brother mp3 (10, 9)
  • pinoy big brother photos (6, 5)
  • pinoy big brother scandal (6, 5)
  • pinoybig brother (6, 5)
  • watch pinoy big brother live and for free (4, 4)
  • pinoy big brother pictures (4, 4)
  • mp3 pinoy big brother soundtrack (3, 3)
  • cas pinoy big brother (3, 3)
  • pinoy big brother unseen video (3, 3)
  • pinoy big brother password (3, 3)
  • big brother house plan pinoy (2, 2)
  • pinoy big brother hot (2, 2)
  • pinoy big brother house (2, 2)
  • lyrics of pinoy big brother theme song (2, 2)
  • pinoy big brother in home cable (2, 2)
  • sam pinoybigbrother (2, 2)
  • pinoy big brother pics (2, 2)
  • pinoy big brother theme song (2, 2)
  • pinoy big brother theme song mp3 (2, 2)
  • pinoybigbrother mp3 (2, 2)
  • pinoy big brother theme orange and lemons (2, 2)

Lastly, and certainly not the least, build link popularity. Get all your friends to link to your new Pinoy Big Brother page. Then watch your page float up the SERP.

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  • I like your logic. And how honest you are with the SEO benefits of blogging about that 🙂

  • My site happens to be the number one Google result for Cass Ponti. I wonder why. Hehehe 😉

  • Angelo, sneaky 🙂 cass ponti is (4, 4). Thanks to your comment, this page might be #1 for [cass ponti] in a few weeks hehe 🙂

    AnP, err thanks 🙂 I had to choose a topic everyone (well almost) could relate to. It was a toss between PGMA and PBB.

  • Oh well, at least less kainis ang PBB than PGMA. haha.

  • But then it takes weeks to build up then ranking, right? By the time you’re up there, the show may be over.

  • Yeah, I’d rather watch And Dating Daan.

  • I’ll rather watch WOWOWIE! or EAT BULAGA! LOL!

  • Hindi naman a few weeks. Pwedeng 1-2 weeks lang if you know how.

  • Lots of factors migs.. how competitive is the keyword, is your site an authority/hub, etc.

    In theory, once the page you’re betting on is indexed, then it has a legitimate chance of ranking. But rising up the SERP would depend a lot on the items I mentioned above.

    Noel, I agree, 1-2 weeks in Google is doable. Hard to achieve for a competitive keyword phrase, but possible nonetheless.

  • lexi

    hi!!!i am so thankful na wala na si chx sa pbb….at sana si sam matauhan na talagang hidi naman bagay sa kanya si chx.i love uma…thats it…

  • Sino vo-vote out mo sa next episode? 🙂

  • i agree with u lexi, sana matauhan na c sam!! at sana matauhan na rin c say over jb dahil mas bgay cla ni sam!!

  • nice pic chx,,, sana hinubad nalang ang damit nya para hindi mabibitin ang nanood

  • ang arte ni say ng pinoy bigbrother d n man sxa k gandahan!!! ang arte m ang panget n man ng buhok m!!!! leche kkkkkkkaaaaa

  • ang landi tlaga n say mag papa gupit lng ng buhok ang daming arte anong feeling m say kagndahan k!!!!!!!!!!! eh ni loloko k lng n man n jb pa iyakiyak k pang n lalaman!!! nag pa retoke k lng n man ng ILONG MOOOO!!! ang arte m impakta k tlaga!!!!

  • capz

    ang arte n say over tlaga bigbrow paalisin mo na yan c say

  • HAPPY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • punyetang chx kamuha ng project manager namin.pati mannerism at galaw.buti nga natanggal.sana ganon din ang manager namin na si adela kabingue

  • si cass super arte pa epal ka tlga……….sam ang cute mo tlaga lab u papa sam

  • renna

    Si say ang arte may pa-english english pang nalalaman wala namang kwenta pinagsasabi.Ang OA talaga, sobrang arte. LEche! arte mo!!!! di nman maganda,kakahiya ka!

  • haY naku….yaw kong mawala c sam!!!ahhhuhuhuuu….mawawalan ng cute sa loob ng bahay ni kuya!!!!!….ahuhuhuhu…..ayoko kay nene…..lumayas na cya dun!!!!hihihihi….

  • ahhihihihihi….ang cute ni sam!!!! ligtas nyo si sam!!!!! tapos!!! ahhhh……tapos…..ahhhmmmm….astig talaga pinoy bigbrother….ahihhihihi…..astig talaga kyong lahat!!!ahihihi….

  • Hansen Dy

    Nudes of Chx are posted at NudeManila.com

  • arnold

    ligtas nyu mga guys c frazen kawa2 nmn sya

  • sam i hate u!!sna si sam mplayas kc c sam myman but c jason n2ral lng tao tsaka pinoy bigbrother brother dpat pure pinoy lng ang ksli!!!!! jason isasave kta and cornbie tlga c franzen kung wla c jASON BADUY K FRANZEN

  • cute_talaga ni say hehehe….at saka bagay sili ni franzen kasi masipag matiyaga matulungin…..at una sa lahat cute…hehehe

  • yang c sam cute_no pero ayaw ko sa kanya kasi magkamukha kami ayaw ko nang may karibal…hehehehe..joke…cute_talaga sya…bagay sila ni chx..sayang natanggal sya..

  • sheila

    I like Nene since she is the most diciplined among the group and brain smart and very natural kumilos walang kaartihan hindi showbiz ang dating unlike Cas and Say. Jason is ok also and I don’t think his being
    makulit and funny antics is an issue to nominate him for eviction compared to others.

  • kitkat

    can anybody pls send me the pic of chx’ i’m very very curious pls……………..
    send it to me

    its [email protected]


  • cherry

    i really like sam coz he is so handsome

  • cherry

    i dnt lyk franzen, spoiled na kac sya!!, kala nya madadaan niya tayo sa pacutecute nya, kala naman nya cute sya , d hala ta noh!!!!hey frndstr member ad me [email protected]….and lets support to our papa SSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMM OK(….)

  • trixie

    hello big brothers i support sam…..i miss sam i would like him to stay in ur house….coz his a nice guy at super tahimik pa…

  • trixie

    ang cute sam…..he deserved to stay in d house of kuya…..i miss u sam

  • anne

    pls.save sam…i love u sam ur so handsome….

  • cute tlaga c sam,matalino at talented kaya dapat sisa n ang lumabas sa bahay kasi marami oppurtunities ang nag-hihintay sa kanya.i hope c jason ang hindi ma-out mamaya….kaya mo yan jason

  • Aimee

    yeheeeyyyyyyy mabuhay c jason at d siya na evict,kasi malulungkot lalo lahat pag wla siya,siya kasi ang nagpapasiya at kwela talaga sya

  • patricia

    sayang si sam!!…gus2 ko sana silang dalawa ni Say ang mgkatuluyan…..bagay sila..kesa kay JB niloko si Say…pero ok lang Sam..lalabas at lalabas din si Say..just wait..Jason talagang nararapat k sa Bahay ni Kuya…d’best ka talaga..galingan mo huh!

  • patricia

    ang cute ni Sam and Say….bagay kayo..

  • alice santos

    tama si jenny dapat maalis, kc unfair naman sa mga HMs na sya pa maiwan eh lumabas na sya diba? at wala syang kalatoy latoy.. dry … boring umh uhmp…at hate ko sya kc bumoto sya na mapaalis si sam, sympre kay jayson sya boto … fling lang naman silang dalawa nun remember? hehehe

  • I’ve set up a “Sam Milby” experiment. See here.

  • grace paglinawan

    hi to Say!!! u know say my mothers maiden name is alonzo

  • gusto kong manalo c franzen, although my pagka-unethical xa.

  • hi poh

  • hello !!! isa ako sa mga fun ni sam ,say cass ,uma , jaysan , franzen!

  • princess

    helo……….kay nene i hope ikw ang ultimate na maging house8 dyan para makatulong na u sa family u…….gudluck..gogogohgo

  • alfie

    Pinoy Big Brother SCANDAL… daw
    Message: Alam nyo ba na hindi po nag-audtion
    sina UMA,
    CASS at SAM. Sila po ay kilala ng mga
    malalaking tao sa ABS-CBN at mga pulitiko.

    July 14, 2005 (CAFE MILANO, Malate Manila)

    Ipinatawag ni Ms. Linggit Tan sina UMA at CASS
    together with Ms. Carol E., Mr. Pablito B. and
    Director Lawrence Dyogi (The Voice Behind BIG

    Ms. Linggit Tan: “Are ready Cass? Uma? Handa
    na ba kayo?”

    Uma: “Yes, Mam.”

    Cass: “Hindi po ba talaga kami matatangal kahit
    ma-nominate kami?”

    Director Dyogi: “As what Ms. Tan said a while ago,
    if ever na ma-nominate kayo, kami na ang bahala.
    Pero sure na hindi kayo matatangal, kayong
    dalawa ang maiiwan sa bahay and after that kayo
    rin ang maghahati sa money, ang risk lang you
    need to give that 40% of the Total Cash
    Prize.Yung house and Lot and Car sa inyo na rin
    yun, who knows baka madagdagan pa ang prize
    diba Linggit?”

    Ms. Liggit Tan: “Yes, we are working for that.
    Basta do your best, UMA and CASS. Tapos if ever
    may na force evict sa mga housemate,
    papapasukin namin si SAM. Ok?”

    UMA and CASS: “Yes Mam.”

    Ms. Linggit Tan: “OK na? Here’s the money,
    P10,000.00 para makabalik ka sa Davao, inform
    your parents about this ok?”

    CASS: “Thank you po.”

    Director Dyogi: “CASS, UMA, basta pag
    nomination na pagpasok niyo sa confession room,
    nakalista sa likod ng camera kung sino ang i-vo-
    vote out niyo, kayo na lang ang magbibigay ng

    ——- That is the First Part of the 28 scripted files
    na na record namin ——-

    Know The Fact!!!

    ailene: Cassandra Ponti is the former Girlfriend and lover
    of Congressman F.B. of Iloilo.

    UMA’s last name is BARUM, and is a model,
    who’s very GAY, and talent of ABS-CBN and Ms.
    Charo Santos Concio’s personal favorite.

    SAM is the pamangkin of Director Lawrence Dyogi
    (The Voice Behing BIG BROTHER)

    FRANZEN, CHX, SAY at si JAYSON ay pawang

    Tunghayan ang mga susunod na pangyayari sa
    bahay ni kuya.

    Ang lahat na ito ay nai-record naming sa isang
    CD, na may kasamang larawan (picture) na
    nagpapatunay na niloloko lang tayo ng ABS-CBN
    at pamunuan ng BIG BROTHER. Ito po ay ilalabas
    namin, pagkatapos ng PINOY BIG BROTHER o sa
    kaukulang panahon.

    Paalala Sa hirap ng BUHAY ngayon, hwag
    ailene: natin
    sayangin ang P2.50 sa kakatext, para lang
    magpaloko, hwag na po tayong mag-txt o
    tumawag para bomoto, dahil alam na natin ang
    Katotohanan. At huwag din kayong
    magsusubscribe sa SkyCable ng P1,500 para lang
    mapanuod ang kasinungalingang yan!

    Sources (MS. Carol E, Mr. Pablito B and MAY)

    post nio uli & send nio sa 2 niong Frendz…ok PLs
    im beging all of u…so every body could know how
    cheaters is ABS-CBN….

    ailene: ytan n beh ung mga kadug2ng

  • dapat hndi maalis si franzen at jason kasi sila naman ang pinaka magandang panoorin sa pinoybigbrother, dapat matanggal na si cassandra at si chx at si sam ang ipalit bigbrother ty po – noila ivy ria andrea

  • hi kay say dapat hindi sya maalis para sapakanan nya kasi ito at sa pamilya nya po ito at kay jb dapat po talagang mapasok si jb para kay say good luck god bless have anice day

  • hi……. sali na ako sa sunod na pbb……….

    abangan nyo na lang ako………….

  • -‘jonskeE’-

    hi….sana may matanggal kena uma at cass, o kung cno man dun sa dalwa……,

  • sa na matagal n c uma
    bina bti nk c annalyn ilov u mahal na mahl kta

  • c cass sna at c franzen ang matira.
    maganda ang inyong programa kc ipinahihiwatig ang nga taong hindi maronong magmahl s kanyang bayan katulad n gloria

  • oki

  • i feel bad when sam was ivictd. i really adore him so much!!!!! Newey anjan p nman c franzen hope that he will win vote 4 him

  • sna c franzen ang mtira sa house ni kuya bcos he really dcrve it db!!!!! khit ntangal n c papa sam i still watch them. me din ung # 56.

  • princess


  • vote po natin sina kuya jason at kuya franzen…
    sana matanggal na si say kasi napakasobrang arte nya lalo na kuna nagsasalita sya…
    ang cute tlaga ni sam..
    send nyo naman po ako some pictures of sam please….

  • dis is my email add….
    [email protected]

  • Roberto P.

    PTB is a sellout!

  • ostoy

    dapat lamang na matira sina franzen at jason wala ng iba.mag usap na lang sila kung sino man ang manalo hati na lang silang 2 sa premyo.mabuhay PBB!

  • ricel

    il0ve you sam and uma!!!!!!!!!!! buti nman tanngal na si jenny sna sa susunod c nene n ung matanngal!!!!!!! bagay c uma and cass!!!!! hnd bagay c sam kay say dhl kmi ang bagay wahehehehe……… bsta ok skn c uma and cass!!! i hate nene…… franzen kadiri ka tigilan m0h n ung pangungulangot m0h pero ok lng skn n ikw ung manalo!!!…dat’s all… d’best ang PINOY BIG BROTHER>>>>> i l0ve you!!!!!