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Pinoy Tech Blog’s Linksys E4200 wireless router giveaway

Do you know what the sweet-looking thing at the photo below is? It’s not a speaker nor an external storage, although that would be cool. It’s the Linksys E4200 wireless N, dual-channel router, and guess what? We’re giving it away!

PTB Linksys E4200 Giveaway

Interested? It’s going to be a raffle so the winner is randomly drawn. No need to take a photo or create a video, just answer a simple question:

“œWhat is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?”

It may be using your PS3 to wirelessly stream movies to your HDTV. Or having a NAS drive that the whole family can access. Whatever it is, place your answer as a comment below and that will entitle you to a raffle entry.

Now to give you more chances of winning, if you have Facebook and/or Twitter, you can do the following:

  • Share this contest in Facebook, don’t forget to tag us @officialPTB
  • Share this contest in Twitter, again tag us @officialPTB

Sharing the contest in Facebook/Twitter will net you an additional raffle entry each. Don’t forget to leave a comment that you’ve shared the contest so we can verify it.

Just a few more important notes:

  • Only those with a Metro Manila delivery address may join
  • Deadline of submitting your entry is on October 15
  • We will randomly draw the winner on October 16
  • Like us in Facebook or Follow us on Twitter so you won’t miss out on the latest local tech news or more contests 🙂

So who needs a new badass wireless router? Let me know if you have questions.

This giveaway is made possible by Cisco. Thanks guys!

Ain't she gorgeous?

The Linksys E4200 wireless router has a minimalist design but packs some powerful features. It operates on the regular 2.4GHz band or the 5GHz band for high-speed transfers around your home. And it also has a USB port where you can attach your external storage or flash drives or even a network printer.


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  • Too bad I was gonna join but it says only for MM delivery address. It’s ok I just shared your contest on fb and twitter. Maybe next time you’ll include other delivery address. Thanks!

    • or you can have it delivered to a friend or relative who has a Metro Manila address if you win.

  • Luigi Lejano

    With our home network consisting of 6 laptops, a desktop computer and a shared printer, this would definitely a better and more efficient way to share resources and to have a much more stable internet/ network connectivity throughout the house compared to our Planet wired router attached to our old twice-lightning-struck Linksys Wireless AP.

    • Arbee Eps


    • Luigi Lejano

      Shared both via Facebook and Twitter but too noob to know how to post links redirecting to the actual shared posts. :/

      • Sir pa-paste dito nung link ng FB share and Twitter post niyo, kahit Twitter account to verify. Thanks!

  • My ideal home network would involve a sleek, wireless router (black, to go with my black and white floor and black and white office table) that would allow up to ten guests to connect to, and very easy to set up – all of this can be answered by Linksys E4200.

  • checkyoulater

    Getting a NAS up for file sharing home libraries for music and HD movies (over 2TB) is definitely the end goal. With 3 laptops, 3 Tablets, and 3 Smart Phones all willing in to take a piece of a shared NAS, let’s not for get the PCH downloading torrents on the side the PS3 updating all the time too, the 4200 will definitely be a step in the right direction

  • MEL

    via our DLNA Capable LG Optimus2x to a samsung smart tv

  • Remember to indicate if you shared it on your Twitter or Facebook. You can share the FB link or your Twitter ID so we can verify. Thanks!

  • Andrei Lim


  • Alvin M

    We have a laptop, a PS3, and two desktops which comprises a main workstation and a small Windows Home Server 2011-based rig which does backups and NAS. They’re already connected with a Linksys E1000, but because this router is basic and only has 10/100 LAN the speed is not as desired. It would be nice to have a faster wireless router.

  • Lea

    shared on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/cloverleaf123
    shared on FB: http://www.facebook.com/marialea.ducay/posts/209338085796634

    Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  • Lawrence ydel

    We have a desktop and a laptop that my brother is using. He uses a usb stick from Sun Cell for his internet connection. And our desktop is connected via our DSL connection… and it is wired. We keep our videos and backup files in the desktop and it is a hassle to transfer files from one computer to another. Before we had a wireless router which is an old one and it no longer working. With the Linksys E4200, i’d be happy to get back to a wireless network, where it will serve the purpose of easy transfer / backup of our files. And I also have a plan of building a NAS system from my old computer. With this wireless router, Linksys E4200, we will enjoy a great deal of wireless network from file backup, video streaming from our future NAS system and sticking to one internet connnection (DSL) when staying at home.

  • Alvin

    Shared via FB: http://goo.gl/jmJsg

    ganito po ba sir? 🙂

    • pwede na rin

      • Alvin

        thanks 🙂

  • Armand

    this device would be ideal for my families wireless home setup as our land area is quite big, I need to relocate my current AP just to reach it. with this device, i can set it up in one location and I will reach it in any side of my home 😀

    • Armand

      shared! on my FB acct!

      erratum: family’s LOL 😀

  • it can help to the point that my 3 kiddos can use my 3 wifi cps and watch youtube cartoon videos and theyll stop bothering me to let them use the laptop and ill will not be disturb joining contest 🙂


    post to fb: http://www.facebook.com/jerryculala/posts/275664352461097

  • I just want to be able to control my Desktop/Laptop’s iTunes via my iPod Touch while blow-drying my hair in the bathroom 🙂 That wouldn’t be possible without that Linksys E4200 wireless router! Pick me pick me! :))

  • Walrus Medalla

    Today’s for high demand of bandwidth when it comes to streaming videos, the E42000 really is a great wireless router that offers dual band and a guest network. It would be great for streaming and downloading movies via wireless network. I have 1 laptop and 2 android phone which we connect via wireless to open our facebook and mail accounts. This would be the best preferred wireless router especially that i’m planning for an internet cafe business. the guest network feature will be a great help too. With its internal six antenna will increase the signal strength across greater distances, providing improved home network coverage and reducing dead spots not like with other old wireless routers that still experiences dead spot..

    With this, i can play and surf the web on any part of my home with no worries on its security and speed.

    i had shared the link on my wall and friends wall… ^^

    • Walrus Medalla

      like this one sir calvin? btw, how can i put a picture or an avatar here?

      • hmmm you can set up your own avatar at gravatar.com. This blog uses Gravatar.

        • Walrus Medalla

          thanks sir cal.. i have now my avatar..hehe.. its my son and daughter. ^^

        • Walrus Medalla

          1 shared link, 1 entry sir right?

          • max of three entries. comment / facebook / twitter.

  • Denmark Marcelino

    3 laptops, 3 android phones ..connect all this gadget to Linksys E4200 .. no more long distance call ..talk anywhere at home with your love ones and friends

  • My ideal home network is fast streaming between connected devices such as Superphones, laptops, iPads, and Desktops.
    With the built in USB port a NAS can also be connected — no need to keep a PC/laptop open to stream.
    Low-maintenance, easy setup, high tech achievable with the Linksys E4200 router 🙂


    • sir pa-chcek nung privacy setting ng facebook link mo. I can’t seem to access it. thanks!

    • roiji i am getting a page not exist on your Twitter post. can you check?

  • Gwapo1925

    3 notebook 2 idevice and this sweet “Linksys E4200 wireless N, dual-channel router” equals to Kick-Ass Network!!! 🙂 \m/

  • 610

    i hav 2 loppy ps3 printerWIFI and iphone back n 2008/09 and i used wrt160 pero hinde q p alam ang dual chanel, parating nccra ang connection then i research masmaayo kong mag change aq ng wrt610 coz dual chanel. sus gwapo kaayu ng signal walang putol since i install the unit. hangang labas ng gate ng houz strong signal(wide signal range). hanip talaga s gaming performance no shooting down s connection even hd cignal, video streaming panis kahit isang tropa ang mag you tube. itong Linksys E4200 almost the same performance

  • Jericho

    This router would work well on our home network. Linux server that works as gateway/dhcp and NFS, two laptops and one desktop. wifi enabled phones all around the house. Hell, I can even set this up to bridge my connection to a neighbors house if they want to.

    Shared on Twitter:

    No FB here! Shared with G+ maybe? =)

  • Lionel Chase Tan

    My ideal network is one where i can plug in my USB external drive straight to the router to stream media to my android smartphone connected to my ancient LCD TV without turning on my PC. It’s also one where i need the power to be able to run 5 torrents while playing epic StarCraft games without feeling any trace of lag. Probably do some magic with the e4200 to support NIC teaming as my pc also doubles as server (streaming vids via vlc) while said gaming/downloading is happening.

    This is of course, on top of providing the usual wifi connectivity to my pc, 4 laptops, 4 mobile phones, 1 tablet, a wii, and a psp.

    Powershared via FB and twitter FTW!

  • My ideal home network like is something that I can have more control of, with Linksys E4200 it can help me to achieved what is my ideal home network like with its features that allow me to easily manage my network, like set up parental controls and creating a separate network for different devices and other gadgets. Also, my ideal home network that I want is something that will help me for an easy share for all the devices at home, there’s no need to plug in and out the external drive from my other computer to another just to share some documents, with Linksys E4200 it can help me to achieved that with the USB 2.0 port on it where I can plug in an external drive whenever I want to share its contents with other devices in the network. Linksys E4200 can make my life and work easier at home! 🙂

    Twitter shared post link:

    Facebook shared post link:

    Thank you for this contest Pinoy Tech Blog! More Power! 🙂

  • Walrus Medalla

    sir ok na po ba ung comment ko? o mali po? thanks…

    • yup both your FB and comment here.

  • I’m planning to get a tablet for my wife this christmas and it would be really cool to have a fast & reliable wireless router so we can both share the internet – no more fightings over the desktop pc! Whats more is I can also use the wifi foy my HTC desire! I trust Lynksis and I value their products, Linksys E4200 is surely a WIN!!!


  • My ideal home network would be our family’s three laptops, one printer and my PS3 all networked and able to access each other. To do that, I’d need a powerful router like the Linksys E4200. 🙂

  • Emanuel

    My ideal home network router would be a minimalist look and reliable device like the Linksys E4200. I will use this device to bridge my ipod touch and my pc to play and control my music wirelessly.

  • Patrick de Gula

    I got 1 laptop 1 desktop 2 smartphones and a shared printer..i want to use this device for streaming videos through my smartphones when im too lazy to open my laptop or desktop or play online games with my friends or wireless sharing my external hard disk with the rest of my device especially when watching movies with my family.

  • arvin

    My ideal home network is a minimalist one; no tangled wires, bulky adapters…with Linksys E4200 wireless router our pc, laptop, smartphones and internet tv will work seamlessly at a maximum performance.

  • I have my iPad 1 and a laptop, my niece have a smartphone, my brother have a smartphone and netbook. we three can have the perfect home network and Linksys E4200 help us achieve it through wireless connection. I can get my iPad connected to the net. Also get my laptop to share files with my brother’s netbook without using any thumb drives.



  • Alfred G

    It is connectivity to the internet. We have three desktops and three laptops. Two desktops will share near the wireless router while the other one at the upper story of the house using a wireless usb adapter. Three laptops can operate and easily connect anywhere from the house; made possible by the wide range of Linksys E4200. Nevertheless, file sharing and collaborative work is easier with fast local transfer speeds among computers. I can now easily share the HD movies in my external hard drive to my family. They can watch anytime without even connecting the hard drive to their computers. Aside from collaborative work and movies, the advantage of a good network is LAN GAMES! LAN games would be a breeze for me and my siblings. All of these, thanks to the high frequency band of the E4200. I forgot, we can now easily share our local printer through the printer sharing function and the printer plugged to the USB port of the E4200. The Linksys E4200 is really a wonder for my networking needs at home. Add to that, my sister and I can now also surf the web through our mobile phones at home via WiFi. Fast speeds made possible by Linksys.

    Desktops – primarily doing the downloads
    Laptops – for surfing and work; pati movies na rin.
    Mobile phones – for mobile surfing; kung trip lang naman.

  • Our house is basically full of gadgets. Our present router is working overtime and definitely it can not handle what we need from it. What we would need is a router which can handle everything we do, and what better router can that be than the Linksys E4200. Technology can get complicated but in the end we all want simple things and using our network with problems is one of them, this can only be provided by Linksys.

  • Richard

    My home network consists of both desktop and laptop where you will be able to share work and multimedia files. My Nintendo Wii is also connected where I can enjoy online gaming with the rest of the world. Other than that, we’ve also connectted our TV for youtube for hours of entertainment. We’re always online through our Android phones and tab. Friends connects their iPhones to check facebook and twitter. All of these can be done by the powerful router Linksys E4200.

  • “What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?”

    Our place currently have a WiFi network configured (wireless G), this could be a freaking good upgrade. Not only i am able to expand the range of my network, it will be a great boost on performance also. Wanting to get one!

    shared via FB: http://www.facebook.com/jpatienza/posts/248578555178797

  • My ideal network is dual band N so the 2.4Ghz can be used for “Internet” and the 5 GHz band can be used for streaming HD content.

  • Francis

    everything in this modern world is fast paced. connecting with family, friends.. or simply just knowing what’s the latest on gadgets and technology won’t be possible without our “fast” internet providers. with all the upgrades (processing speed, storage capacity, transfer rate, etc.) our laptops, desktops, smart phones are getting, it seems some routers can’t keep up. Linksys E4200 is the solution for the need of high performance wireless router.

    we have 3 laptops, 4 smartphones, 2 external storage devices in the household and Linksys E4200 will make file sharing thru the network a breeze. attach the external storage device to this monster router, and file transfer between devices connected to the router will be faster than our local isp’s internet speed! lol we often encounter interference with our neighbor’s router but Linksys E4200 dual band will remedy this. i personally move a lot around the house while connected to the internet thru the router, and Linksys E4200 will make this a sweeter experience with its speedboost, superior wireless coverage.

    shared in fb: http://www.facebook.com/JediMasterMacgyver

  • aze

    We are not rich, so we only have 1 laptop at home, but we have phones and psp’s that can connect to the internet. wifi availability would be very beneficial at home, so that we can research projects and assignments at home, my parent can also browse the net w/o renting in the internet shop.

  • francis

    it seems my comment earlier today got deleted

  • Rusty

    I just want to stream videos of falling cats far from the inhibitions of cords. Tesla would be proud.


  • Federico Buenafe

    Connectivity!! With 6 laptop and 2 ipad, not to mention a WDTV live, i can browse anywhere in our house. It is also a good upgrade for my 10 year old wifi router from linksys. Additional range is a bonus.


  • Froi

    perfect for my new desktop…not to mention that i am studying CCNA aotm….

  • Gwapo1925

    who won the Linksys E4200 wireless N?

    • matagal pa sir bunutan. 🙂

  • pi dave

    It would be wonderful to finally be able to break away from the little gray box where you have to be within view to assure you have connectivity at some rate and also be able to print from a remote location as well. Time is such a precious commodity that you can’t buy back and speed is the name of the game when it comes to accomplishing all tasks both for business and personal use.

    This device would the instrumental hub of my home office where for now I have the little gray box where I connect when possible using my laptop cell and cell for business and personal applications.

  • Crystal Lagman

    Everyday me,hubby and my daughter has a different favorite to do.Me as joining to the contaest on facebook,my hubby check his mail in his yahoo beacuse that was his job and my daughter always visit her youtube video and the games in y3 and y8.It was a big big help for me,for us because hindi na kami mag aagawan ng line.We just connect it to router then enjoy the rest of the day. thanks !

    shared in FB : https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=124997770933838&id=100000162410368
    TWITTER post: http://twitter.com/#!/crystahal/status/114945206914252800

    Crystal Lagman
    [email protected]

  • Adonis Cruz

    I want that wireless router because it was my dream before because we always used a computer in a short period because all members of the family uses the computer and because I am here in the place of my mother in law I was so shy to use her computer in a couple of time but if we had a wireless router I can connect my laptop and I can check and can have a games everytime I wnated to used it.

    shared on fb: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=129717347129282&id=100000128719451

    twitter post:http://twitter.com/#!/onitadamos/status/114948008235368448

    Adonis Cruz
    [email protected]

  • merry jane ocol

    i always wanted a wireless router for my phone and computer.I hate to admit that buying a wireless router is a bit pricey.I want to win this so that eeven my husband is in our desktop I can easily update my blog twitter and fb.

  • Messie

    Ideal home network setup will be a network where each of my wi-fi capable devices will be connected to the net. It’s okay rin if I can share it with some of the people living around me. Pero most importantly, dapat secured ang network, I would like to make sure that only the people whom I allowed to connect will connect and nobody will gain unauthorized access in my home network.

  • this Linksys E4200 wireless router from Cisco will be a perfect tech to our house as we have 2 desktops, 1 laptop and a shared printer. No to mention, we also using our phones to connect/update our facebook and twitter accounts.

    So i believe that this wireless router will make our network and internet connection more stable and stronger than this old router we have now.

    shared it on twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/_allanistheman/status/115314497551478784

  • Ken

    We occasionally use portable devices and Linksys E4200 will provide wireless connectivity for our devices! -Joining this giveaway!

  • Bam

    with Linksys E4200 I will have all my devices to be connected wireless at home and enjoy the freedom from wires.

  • Jonathan Rojas

    Currently our network runs with 5 laptops on. Because of this, our home network gets very congested because i occasionally stream movies from a home server. This makes video playback quite choppy. with the E4200, We would be able to enhance the quality of our home network.

  • Carl

    Well, having a Linksys wireless router would surely make it easier for me since my crappy router at home tends to lose signal after a few hours. I’m sure with the Linksys router, I’ll have a peace of mind.

    I could tell a lot how my ideal home setup would be but it would be ideal if the connection is solid in the first place.



  • It’s hard to describe the details on my ideal home network. Let’s just say we’ve grown to a much bigger data consumption nowadays. So it’s like Captain Pike relieved by Captain James T. Kirk on Star Wars! Good ‘ol WRT54G can finally rest and give the spotlight to E4200! Maximum warp, punch it! Ok maybe I exaggerated a lil’ bit.


  • Jomel

    Masyadong magulo sa bahay namin at madaming mga gamit na naka-display sa bawat lugar ng bahay namin. Gumagamit kami ng PS3, 2 laptops at minsa’y mga mobile devices tulad ng ipad at smartphones para maka-access ako sa internet pero lahat na iyon ay puro prepaid internet broadband lang habang pinagtityagaan ko ang hotspot ng cellphone ko makagamit lang ng wifi habang ginagawa ang pagluluto o paglilinis sa sala o sa kusina at dining area. Sa tingin ko, sa tulong ng Linksys E4200, mas mapapadali at maisasabay ko ang pag-iinternet, gaming, video streaming sa ps3, video chatting habang ginagawa ko ang mga gawain sa loob ng bahay. Salamat ng marami at pinadali ng Linksys E4200 ang buhay Wifi ng aming bahay! 🙂

    shared at: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=645127562

  • Adrian Trovela

    I use wireless router to connect my gadget like cellphone and laptop even if I am in 2nd floor of our house.

  • Here my entry. I really need a Linksys E4200 to collaborate the 3 machine at home.


  • For me with almost 7 computers at home (4 laptops, 3PCs and another 1 coming this next month) plus 3 WiFi enabled phones being connected to each one is a painstaking process with our old wifi router w/c only has b/g and a paltry of connections im sure that the linksys-e4200 will serve my needs for my internet and file sharing at our house

  • Jim

    For Me, I am sure that Linksys wireless router would surely make an ease for us because our old router at home are not really reliable and losing signal Intermittently and it is annoying.

    My ideal home setup will be a ROCK SOLID connection that Linksys wireless can provide.

  • I’d like to use it for streaming videos to my phone. It’s a bummer that my phone has limited storage, but I have lots to watch.

  • I never resorted to any high-end wireless router. In fact, the only brand i bought to provide me a wireless hotspot is CDR***g with a price ranging from Php 700.00 to Php 2,000.00. It may be affordable but the features of the “Real” routers are not embedded on these stuff.

    If I’ll be able to win and take home this sweet box, I’d be grateful for I’ll be able to maximize what a router can actually do. I’m not that savvy nor a novice to such stuff regarding networking. And I know it won’t be that hard for me to utilize this baby for Cisco had made technology good for the hands of all.

    With its 5ghz band ill be able to extend the span of my wifi access point that is being shared by 3 residences (who shares the burden of paying the monthly internet bill). I guess we won’t be resorting to 12-meter and 24-meter LAN cables just to share the Internet connection. Aside from that, I guess I can also use the E4200 as a network storage through NAS feature. I guess it will be easier for us to share whooping sizes of videos and movies off the internet and prolly play it on some devices enabled to view and display these files.

    I am craving for this sweet technology Cisco is providing us. This had a lot of developments from the E3000. And with this, I think i can even a allow another residence to connect to ours. Thus, dividing the Php 4,000 monthly bill to 4 residences. Imagine having super network with a 6-megabit internet connection for just the price of Php 1,000, wouldn’t that be paradise on your computer and network?

    Copyright. 2011. Marc Erico Ong.
    The author reserves the rights.
    Please don’t copy paste my work 🙂

    Thanks PTB!

  • camille quiambao

    Mu ideal home network is one that’s highspeed because we have 7 computers. Linksys E4200 will surely help us connect faster.

    Posted on FB http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=264570636916956&id=100002251891467
    Posted on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/quiam/status/118488454681202688

    camille quiambao
    [email protected]

  • frances Reyes

    My ideal network would give me fast and consistent connection. Linksys E4200 will definitely give me this.

    [email protected]

  • arthur g

    I wanna buy a nifty notebook this Christmas & the Linksys E4200 is the way to go hook it up!

  • “What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?”

    Freedom from wires. From multimedia streaming, file and resource sharing, and remotely operated electronic appliances, all of these will be made possible by Linksys E4200 wireless router’s fast transfer speed, large bandwidth and hosts of extra features such as sharing external storage.



  • “What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?”

    ideal home network…wireless + no clutter + internet anytime + communication via wifi and wireless network + sharing of files between laptop, desktop, WIFI enabled hard drive, wireless smart and smartphone + cool looking devices…offering hassle-free no-frills and easy connection, linksys will do the job very well, not to mention it is aesthetically appealing and dependable…

  • per

    “What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?”

    my ideal home network – my macbook, wifi media center, iphone, and galaxy tab, all connected to the net via this badass router hooked up to blazing fast DSL! infovore FTW! 😀

  • Ranjay De Guzman

    We have 2 laptops, a desktop and 3-5 wi-fi enabled phone, and it is really hard to connect when everyone is busy surfing the net, So I think Linksys E4200 is what i need as it offers enhanced flexibility and mobility, plus It’s eliminates too much cabling..

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=263399003700112&id=100000679163586

  • KAny Vic Perez

    My dream network Connection which I always want is to have a laptop, PC, Cellphone, Tablet, PS3, Continuously connected without ease on a single internet! No other wireless router that I see in the market that provides a very chain strong connection, rather than what I discovered. Its Linksys! nothing beats what they have done to people’s life!




  • Too bad, it’s not available for outside Metro Manila. 🙁

    • yeah sorry man. you can have it sent to a buddy in metro manila though if you really want to join.

  • thewaywardgeek

    My Ideal Network would consist of a Private WiFi Router which can only be accessed by us, a Public WiFi Router which can be used by our friends and colleagues who are visiting and a Network Printer connected so that we can print anywhere in our home without opening a PC like we used to do before and because we already have a Linksys WiFi Router available, we only need a WiFi Router compatible to our Linksys that has a USB Port on it so that we can access our Printer, and with the Linksys E4200 is the one that can help me in doing this!

    As an added bonus to it, it already supports Hi-Speed Transfers that would make it easier for us to share files and browse the web faster!

  • Julie Gonzales

    My Ideal network would be those that can get with many connections, a private network, and those with MAC filtering like software for guest and public use. Because of linksys E4200 highest and heavy duty transfer, this would be a success

  • r9m

    What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?

    My ideal home network is wirelessly connecting all my electronic gadgets with one another. And it can be done by Linksys E4200!
    With the power of Linksys E4200, it will not only connect all my gadgets (wireless printer, Apple TV connected to LCD TV, 2 laptops,
    1 tablet, 3 smartphones) together, but will also wirelessly streams or shares music, photos, movies and other files around our unit flawlessly! Thus,
    providing us more time to bond with each other, as well as increase productivity since you don’t have to plug/unplug gadgets every now and then.
    With its minimalist design, it will definitely compliment with our crib!

  • Ideal home network? I’d love to have high-speed internet and Wi-Fi in our house, but our router (I prefer keeping the brand anynymous) seems to be sending only slow connections to the three laptops connecting to it, while the desktop has all the glory of our DSL.

    How can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?

    This cool router can do the trick and make us all have high-speed connections. 🙂

  • I need a reliable wireless connection, and it will help very much if I’ll be using this Linksys E4200 wireless router, so there’ll be no problem connecting my various wifi devices like the MacBook Pro, iPhone, PS3, iPad, etc. to my wireless home network.

  • our old laggy wifi router need to rest cause it’s already dying!!
    we need this because the internet is getting faster and faster and were being left behind!

    TWtr: https://twitter.com/#!/tnecniv102/status/122674760344805376

    FB: http://www.facebook.com/vfvincent/posts/276346832386989

  • I want a fast connection here in our home we have 2 laptops and 1 desktop and a mobile wifi need a faster router i think linksys-e4200 will do the work : )

    • George Anderson

      Me too, I think this E4200 wireless is very fast.

  • I would love to use all the WiFi gadgets we have in our home. We have 3 phones, an iPod touch, an MSI notebook, and the desktop. We need a router desperately.


  • Gino Busok Jr

    I want a home network where there is a storage device accessible by everyone connected to that network. This will require a fast and reliable router and Linksys E4200 will certainly do the job.

  • anti_Ponjib

    The Linksys router I’ve been using for a few years has broken down 4 separate times. It’s always one of the capacitors in the A/C Adapter. We desperately need a new router for the 2 Laptops, 2 desktops and 5 mobiles. Sharing an internet signal is a snap with the MAC, but much more difficult on the PC and the Nokia e-61’s find the signal, but can’t connect to it.
    The other option is to upgrade the PLDT DSL to the wifi modem router, easier said than down. They want me to do another 2-yr-contract and pay some kind of fee for upgrading. I don’t mind paying for the all-in-one modem wifi router, but I do mind paying a fee just to upgrade to a faster connection.

    • anti_Ponjin

      Mis typed.. it’s Anti_Ponjin with an “N” not a “b”

  • Zoilo C. Hernandez

    I will use it to share Internet connection for my laptop and desktop without silly, messy wires, be it through wired or wireless subs.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/zoi_dos_quattro/status/123350064872689666

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/zch24/posts/176301609117770

  • emmanuel

    aside from sharing the internet to all the wifi devices at home, I also like to use our router to stream movies from my laptop to our Samsung HDTV, but it freezes every now and then probably due to slow data transfer. I think this Linksys E4200 wireless router will definitely solve this problem.

    shared on twitter:


  • For a minimalist like me, Linksys E4200 will do the trick in providing a home network without tangling wires and slow internet connection for multiple accessing devices not only for us, but also for our guests at home. It will save me money, not only in the internet bill, but also in buying usb/external hard disks/dvdr’s just so I can share downloaded files like movies to another computer and electricity consumption. And more importantly, save me time.

  • Kenth

    I need a Linksys E4200 to hook up all my wifi devices (2 laptops, and a smartphone) and have extra connectivity for future gadgets.

  • RG Concepcion

    My ideal home network is having the ability to access files like movies i want whenever and however i want it. that where this baby comes in!


  • Every member of my family has device with wifi capability such BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, Acer laptops and even our maid has her phone with wifi. I am very sure that Linksys E4200 will help us to connect all of our devices and achieve the freedom of net surfing with just one wifi router, and that’s Linksys E4200 was made of.

    Cheers! 😀


  • Trying my luck again.. spambot keep blocking my post anyway here’s my entry..

    Every member of my family has device with wifi capability such BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, Acer laptops and even our maid has her phone with wifi. I am very sure that Linksys E4200 will help us to connect all of our devices and achieve the freedom of net surfing with just one wifi router, and that’s Linksys E4200 was made of.


  • Lorie

    “What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?”

    My ideal home network is outfitted with a linksys e4200, which I can use to hook up my husband’s laptop and smartphone to the internet via wifi sharing, when I need to make/get updates on FB.

  • George Anderson

    Sounds looks good, I really need also a Wireless router for my Internet connection i think its fast right?

  • Jelo Manongsong

    I need this on my home so that I can connect my laptop and cellphone at the same time.


  • ocommon

    What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?

    My ideal home network is to connect my desktops, laptops, smartphones, printers, network storage, and other wifi devices
    seamlessly without hassle.

    The Linksys E4200 can help me achieve my ideal home network because its easy to use,better security and performance.


  • Geoffrey Reyes

    “What is your ideal home network like and how can the Linksys E4200 help you achieve it?”

    My ideal home network is a network that is capable of connecting all of my devices at my home. With Linksys E4200, it gives what I need to create my ideal home network.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/repageo/posts/178489832232422
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/repageo/status/124613660265021440

  • Andrei Lim

    My Ideal home network is a wireless free network. Where my sisters can surf the web in their room hassle-free. Plus my 5 year old router is dying. 😀

    FB: Hindi ko makita yung link ng post :))

  • Botvinnik Fernando

    The linksys E4200 is my ideal home router because of its dual band feature. It will pair with a couple of my refurbished AE1000. My notebook and other wireless devices are now ideally connected to the network using the 5ghz band.

  • tobey

    My ideal home network is a much secured, much protected, much reliable on connection and much faster mini wireless center as we also use variety of gadgets like PSP, desktop computer, laptops, iphone, ipod, and other wifi-ready mobiles.
    With Linksys E4200 Maximum, it makes that my ideal home network very easy to achieve as this powerful router has everything you would ask for more in a router.
    With Linksys E4200 Maximum, nothing is impossible. Virtual life is easier.

    Kindly see this page for detailed info. I’m sure everybody will love this latest high-end router brought to us by CISCO.

  • Jorlan Balbuena

    Ideally, i would like my house to be fully wifi controlled via my hobbies and projects. Controlling some of my appliance throught twitter or wifi is my real agenda. In some cases, my current router’s signal does not reach some of the rooms. With this router, not only I can reach those secluded place, i might also be able to use my laptop on our roof!



  • Glads Getigan

    My ideal home network is without this 50M UTP Cable!!! With this router, I can now burn this UTP down!



    • Glads Getigan

      Pls Remove this, wrong link >,<

  • Glads Getigan

    My ideal home network is without this 50M UTP Cable!!! With this router, I can now burn this UTP down!


  • Mikke

    Winning a Linksys E4200 will surely help our family especially in our researches and assignments. We don’t need to plug in and unplog laptops and PC’s just to be connected to two specified areas in the house. I think with the advance techonology of E4200 will help ease the burden of slow connections and we don’t need to stay in one place in our house,,

  • matt

    My wireless home network requirements are simple. As long as I have a secure, fast and stable wireless connection for my Nokia E6 and laptop, I’m happy. 😀



  • matt
  • i usually download old school games for the pc, mostly the ones rarely available already. so i need a fast and steady internet connection. with this, e4200 enters the picture! i will surely benefit fro its dependable performance and speed.

  • by the way i’ve shared the contest @my fb page (tagged you guys as instructed) thanks!

  • rizza

    Linksys E4200 is perfect for my ideal home networking set up…mobility , security and connection stability are for sure guaranteed…cool for my printer and laptop set up 🙂

  • Lavern

    Linksys E4200 is far better than my old router. Time to change!

  • Just to be fair, any entries that has the 12:01am and above timestamp won’t be accepted. thanks!

  • Felix

    We Have 8 Wireless Gadgets (let’s break it down 4 laptops 1 wifi dongle and 3 WiFi enabled smartphones how’s that ) at home plus 3 wired connection (no we’re not running a internet shop haha) and since all of this are connected via or old,slow and very sluggish Wireless G Router things can get complicated when we’re surfing the net but with the Linksys E4200 our family can be sure that we can have a smooth sailing internet connection without any hassle or any lag plus with a onboard USB,sharing my files to my friends via my EHDD or sharing our printer will be a breeze:)

  • I just want a subtle home network which will give each of my family members and companions the access to the vast world of web. And with the help of this HIGH-SPEED Linksys E4200 Wireless Router I can make it possible. And hey, I won’t be hiding this one under my table because of it’s elegant design… ♥ it, want it!

  • Carl

    So, who won? 😀

  • Wait lang mahina kalaban. hehehe. Daming entries eh di ko pa nacocompile.

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