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Pinoy Tech Blog’s Top 5 Apps from the Nokia Store

The Nokia Store is filled with over 25,000 apps for Nokia phones in all shapes and sizes. However, it’s also because of this fragmentation that not all apps work in all phones. Games like Angry Birds won’t run on non-touchscreen phones obviously, while some apps are made for the smaller screen of a QWERTY phone.

Such limitations should not hinder you from maximizing your Nokia phone by loading some useful apps. Here are some gems we found useful in the Nokia store that should be included in your phone whenever possible.

If it doesn’t show up on your device, it simply means the app is not compatible with it.

Facebook – Rating: 5/5

facebook nokia

Who doesn’t have Facebook here? Don’t think anyone is anymore. Most Nokia feature phones don’t have a dedicated Facebook app but instead rely on the mobile version of the site. A true blue Facebook app should be very handy for FB-lovers out there since it’s optimized for small screens.

MMDA ““ Rating: 5/5

mmda nokia

It’s useful for iOS and Android users so we’d guess it will be the same for Nokia users. The MMDA app allows motorist to plan their route accordingly to avoid traffic especially for those in a hurry. It gives an easy-to-understand real-time report of traffic situation in major thoroughfares within the metro.

MunchPunch – Rating: 4/5

munchpunch nokia

Don’t know where to eat once you landed in Cebu? Launch MunchPunch and it will show you restaurants and food joints within your area. It’s that simple and if you’re the stay-at-home type, it also serves as a handy food delivery directory.

WhatsApp Messenger ““ Rating: 5/5


Who doesn’t want sending free text (even multimedia files)? WhatsApp Messenger is a internet messaging app that’s available across different platforms including iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. If you’re connected to WiFi or on a data plan, WhatsApp will let you send and receive messages to other users anywhere in the world. What’s cool here is that it uses a person’s own number so there’s no need to create new contact details. It will scan your contact list for existing WhatsApp users.

CamEfx – Rating: 4/5


It’s no secret any more that cameras on most Nokia phones (not all mind you) aren’t that good. Blame it on their fixed DoF lens. Here’s a secret for those who just can’t take good photos, be artsy, apply filters and call it art instead. CamEfx has boat loads of filters and effects you can apply on your photos to turn a boring shot into a masterpiece. You can even share your photo on Twitter and Facebook from within the app.

You a Nokia user? What are you favorite apps? Do share.

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  • Unison

    I hate when people have to write “FREE” instead of “free”. Companies do that to make their products super exciting, but now people who don’t even sell or promote it say it.
    Those apps aren’t free anyway, they steal and sell your personal information as well as bugging you with apps.

  • Griswold

    salamat sa camefx. tuwang tuwa si utol… feeling nya instagram. haha.

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