Pinoys among the world’s prolific sharers of mobile phone photos

Interesting but not really surprising. We, Pinoys, are among the most prolific takers and sharers of mobile photos according to a recent survey done by Finnish mobile technology giant Nokia.

In the online survey conducted in eight countries with more than 8,000 respondents who are smartphone users, it showed that 31% of the Filipinos take photos with their mobile phones daily while 70% do it on a weekly basis. 50% said they typically upload them in social networking sites particularly in Facebook.

We’re not the most active in taking and sharing mobile photos though. China is tops with 33% who takes photos with their mobile phone weekly and 86% do it daily. Now what more if  Facebook is not banned in China.

Here are some more interesting Pinoy facts taken from this study:

  • We like to take photos of friends and children while European countries like to take photos of nature more.
  • We are vain. Almost half of the Filipino respondents said they like taking photos of themselves and posting it online. Bring down the age group to 15-25 and that number shoots up to 84%, the highest than any other country.
  • 63% said that camera and picture quality is one of the most important features when looking for a new phone. Only 3% said it was irrelevant.
  • 70% said that aside from camera on a phone, the color is also a major factor.

Personally, as someone who covers a lot of media events, I really appreciate phones with excellent cameras because sometimes I don’t want to be lugging around my DSLR especially if I don’t need to take lots of photos.

This survey is brought to you by the pink Nokia N8. The N8 is one of the phones out there known to have really good optics and the hot pink is a limited edition here in our country so better hurry and get one if you want a pink N8.

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  • Filipinos are now in a new world record again by being one of the most active takers and sharers of mobile phone photos in the Web. Not surprising indeed! Most of the us are camera addict and they don’t think much about privacy.