Pirates No More?

The Intellectual Property Coalition of the Philippines recently requested the United States Trade Representative to drop the Philippines from the agency’s intellectual property rights (IPR) priority watch list, citing gains made in IPR legislation and enforcement.

John Lesaca, Intellectual Property Coalition chairman adds:

The Philippines has a doable, sensible and reasonable strategy aimed to provide an adequate level of IPR protection or enforcement to its trading partners. There is no doubt that the Philippine Action Plan has worked and is working and bearing fruit.

Anyone care to comment?

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  • Walk over to Paseo corner Ayala Avenues. There’s a branch of Bank of China there. With pretty posters in English and Chinese.

    And a few steps away… our favorite Made in China goods!!

    Or visit 168 Mall.

    We have just have traders and buyers here. The actual makers … untouchable? 🙂

  • Less talk. More action.

  • There’s probably a big time piracy syndicate who is part of this IP Coalition – a wolf in sheep’s clothing mwehehehe.

  • well they have been cracking down on Net Cafes
    though still the sale of piracy doesnt look like it will stop

  • Some net cafes are too smart for them. Since they announced when to strike, those cafe owners came prepared – closing their shops temporarily, and reopening with their pirated wares still intact, hehehe.