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Pitch Black Marshall Headphones get 15% off for a limited time

Shopping for a brand new pair of headphones? The Pitch Black Marshall Major headphones and Marshall Minor earphones are getting a 15% price drop from May 14 to May 16.

Marshall is a brand we associate with Rock n’ Roll equipment, especially guitars and amps. If you need one word to describe these headphones, it has to be “classic”. The leatherette texture and the gold accents make these headphones a fine-looking piece of audio equipment.


Marshall Headphones has been mostly white which looks nice, when it’s clean that is. Now with the introduction of Pitch Black, Digits Trading is offering these headphones at a 15% discount for a limited time, that is if you’re also wearing black when you go to the store. You’ll lose the gold accents with the Pitch Black but you’ll get a sleek-looking completely colorless pair of headphones.

You should be able to get these at a discount in Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, and Buzz stores. For inquiries, you can post comments on https://www.facebook.com/digitstrading.

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  • Griswold

    2.5k is still out of my budget range for an in-ear headphone. i’m sticking with my promac pro one.

  • Mica

    Any idea how to clean the white marshall earphones?