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Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android now available

iOS fans of Plants vs Zombies 2 have been enjoying the game since last August, but now Android users get to join in the fun as well. Finally.

Just like in iOS, the Android version of PvZ 2 has been released initially in Australia and New Zealand last week. Worldwide release happened today and you can now get the game, a hefty 169MB download, for free on Google Play.


Plants vs Zombies 2 offers new mechanics aside from a bunch of new plants and zombies. There are now various worlds (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, and Wild West) you have to explore, each with varying types of zombies. Each plant also gets a super attack when you feed it plant food which you can get from killing zombies. You can also get into the heat of the battle yourself by invoking godlike powers in exchange for in-game coins so you can toss zombies or electrocute them using finger gestures. Oh yeah, look out for the Yeti.

There are in-app purchases available in the game if you’re getting frustrated on some levels but the game can still be beat relatively easy even without paying for anything.  Achievements and leaderboards are tracked via Google Play Game Services by the way.

[Download PvZ 2 for Android]
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  • jong

    now available in the pi!!!

  • alvir

    wala naman ako makita eh