PlayStation made Portable

Sony has joined the handheld game console wars. Will they slice a big chunk of the sales of Nintendo’s Game Boy or not?

Sony PSP

Sony’s PSP has reminded me of Sega Game Gear where we bought it as a replacement for Game Boy when I was still in grade school. It has the Sega touch of black. It has an odd-shape that still needs to be redesigned for ergonomic purposes. Also, it has a wide dimension where a big portion of it is allocated for the LCD screen that is 480 x 272 pixels.

It is WiFi capable giving you the ability to surf the Internet. It also supports USB and infrared connectivity. The best part here is that it has a memory stick slot that you could use to store your photos (JPEG and GIF format), videos (MP4 format) and music (MP3, WAV or ATRAC3 formats).

Sony PSP is Wireless LAN capable. Thus, providing support for multiple players for one game. Of course the maximum number of multiple players supported would depend on the game itself.

If Nintendo uses a cartridge slot, Sony uses UMD drive for its games. The UMD drive is not only built for games but for videos stored in the UMD. Also, you have an option to use a headphone or not. Hence, Sony PSP is not your ordinary handheld game console. It’s an all-in-one entertainment showcase.

Usually, handheld game consoles use 4 x AA batteries. It was a nightmare when I used those batteries for Sega Game Gear for it drains easily. Sony PSP did not join the bandwagon of handheld game consoles powered by those batteries. Instead, Sony PSP is powered by a Lithium-ion battery.

Sony PSP is locally available at prices ranging from PhP 9,000 to PhP 12,000 according to the officemates of my brother.

For full specifications, read it here.

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  • This has been discussed so much that I hesitate to comment.

    Nintendo and Sony has said before that they are not in competition with each other. People are not going to give the PSP to younger children and most hardcore gamers will have all three portables, DS, GBA SP, and PSP. The PSP was targetted at young adults or older teens.

    I haven’t had to install batteries on any portable since I got a GBA SP. Batteries were a total drain, literally and figuratively.

    Also, one of the greatest unofficial uses for the PSP is homebrew software. Even though the 2.0 firmware has stopped that for now, people can always settle with the 1.5 firmware until hackers crack 2.0, although you won’t get native web support without 2.0. For the PSP to take off, hacked firmwares are vital. A few of my friends in Cebu just download PSP ROMs, and use it to play. There is no online authenticity check, and you can play those games with no limitations. I’m just rambling now …

  • Yes vern, I experienced that (referring to batteries as a total drain) when I was using Sega Game Gear. I have to use the AC adaptor to enjoy it where a socket is available.

    So, they don’t buy any of those games in UMD?

  • Why dont you have how much it is?

  • jay

    ditributors are not indicated here
    pls indicate stores who are resellers of PSP

  • caralaine maranan

    saan meron center ng sony psp sa manila or pampanga kse po nasira psp ko, sabi sa akin maaring lcd problem daw po kse dark na lang lumalabas pag nag on ako ..may power pero black screen ko, biglaan lang di naman sya bumagsak eh. malapit ako sa SM san fernando pampanga..saan po ba may service center kse po galing sa spain itong psp ko eh