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PLDT boosts WiFi Zones in Davao for Kadayawan 2012

I’m currently here at the Kadayawan Festival in Davao where PLDT is setting up more WiFi Zones to give festival goers free WiFi access to bring the colorful festival close to their friends.

Kadayawan, also known as the “œKing of Festivals,” is an annual Davao event held on the 3rd week of August. Coming from the word “œmadayaw,” which means good, Kadayawan is a celebration of thanksgiving for the year’s blessings.

PLDT WiFi Zone is a service from PLDT that allows you to extend your DSL connection outside your home. For a minimal monthly fee on top of your PLDT DSL subscription, you can access the internet via the 3,500 WiFi Zones scattered all over the country with the speed and consistency that you are used to at home.

Here at the Kadayawan 2012, we saw a lot of tourists enjoying the festivities, dancing with the parade of street dancers. The mood is electric and with the free WiFi Zone PINs being handed out by the PLDT booths strategically situated along the parade route, people can easily share their photo in Facebook or tweet about their experience while in the middle of the parade.

PLDT WiFi Zone here in Davao covers the following streets: San Pedro, Bonifacio, C.M. Recto, R. Magsaysay, Roxas, and Pelayo. If you’re in Davao, you can head to PLDT booths in People’s Park near Apo View Hotel, Quezon and Rizal Park, Bonifacio cor. Pelayo Sts., and C.M. Recto cor. Roxas Ave. near Marco Polo Hotel for your free PIN. This free PIN is valid until September 30.

The floral parade which is the highlight of the festival takes place in a few hours and I have to get ready for that.

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