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PLDT Fibr expands reach to over 300 residential areas in the country

PLDT is aggressively expanding the reach of its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network to over 300 residential subdivisions in the country.

PLDT-FibrUnder PLDT Fibr, home subscribers can enjoy up to 100Mbps broadband speed which you can use not only for data but also for voice calls. Apart from these service, customers can also enjoy streaming blockbuster flicks via Clickplay.

The new FTTH areas include: Sta. Rosa Estate Phases 1 & 2 in Laguna; Southvale 1&2 and Palms Pointe in Muntinlupa; Manila Southwoods in Cavite; and White Plains and Tierra Pura in Quezon City. In Visayas and Mindanao, Fibr is now accessible in Cebu Royale Estate, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Pristina North, Bayswater Subdivision, Happy Homes, Ajoya Residences, Deca Baywalk, and Reldo Subdivision in Davao.

Accessible in various plans, Fibr is available in Plan 3500 with speed of up to 8Mbps; Plan 5800, up to 20Mbps; Plan 8800, up to 50Mbps; and Plan 20000, up to 100Mbps. These plans include free installation, free Fibr modem, and free PLDT WiFi Zone access with PLDT Telpad subscription. You can essentially replace your phone/DSL subscription with PLDT Fibr as this service also includes Fibr Voice line.

PLDT’s extensive 54,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables facilitate the efficiency of the company’s digital services such as Fibr, myDSL, and Telpad.

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  • Griswold

    hindi ba posibleng magkaroon ng fibr sa hindi subdivision? or pang upper class lang talaga ito?

  • Dale

    Namamahalan ako šŸ™
    Maganda sana ma try for a year.
    Sa panahon ngayon dapat spend your money wisely pero nice offer PLDT!!

  • lunalorticum

    plan 3500 – 8Mbps

    3g connection sa smartphone sa matinong lugar sa states – 5-7Mbps for less monthly xD

    la lang. Kulit eh.

  • John

    Hahaha what a joke, I applied 3 weeks ago on line any PLDT DSL connection, I got a rely saying a check will be made, Hello PLDT I’m still waiting!!!!! I live in Batangas, but as that is outside the metropolis of Manila, so we can forget about it for the next 50 years???.

  • Romeo

    You says plan Php1995 but I pays Php3040 a month why the hidden charges?

    • EvaPapaya

      Baka kasi may iba ka pang services gaya ng phone, cable, IDD calls, NDD calls, etc.

      • hello guys ask q lang puh mganda puh b ang Fibr 8Mbps plans …like s globe 10Mbps ANUNG MGANDA PUH s dlawa… ___________________?

  • I Agree I Live In Batangas Also And Internet Is Like Pathetic – Come On PLDT Lift Your Game !!!!

  • nka plans puh kc aq ng 10Mbps 4200 like s PLDT Fibr… 8Mbps…3500 anu puh mgada s knila…. globe 10Mbps or PLDT 8Mbps Fibr…________________?

    • Graz

      DSL usually runs on an aDSL connection which means while you do get 10mbps downspeed, you’ll only get 1mbps upspeed at most. And that’s being modest (actual speed may be lower due to copper line limitations)

      Fiber lines give you 8mbps downspeed with 90-100% reliability with a 3-4mbps upspeed based from my experience

  • Balikpinoy