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PLDT Interacts: Toni Rose Gayda called me!

Yesterday, I wrote about a PLDT service registration that recorded my (bedroom) voice and took my cellphone number.

Days after that registration. I got a call from Toni Rose Gayda (funny but she seems to have been in Eat Bulaga for two decades now!). May special mention pa si Tolits (of that Tide commercial fame). It was a recorded message though. It was tele-marketing, in fact.

Toni (close kami) had a spiel about a “PLDT Home Rewards” promo. The recording had some background music and sound effects. It was entertaining, I must say, especially hearing something like that for the first time.

But again, what interests me is innovative uses of technology. How can this telemarketing tool be used to serve a better purpose?

  • How about info dissemination regarding, say, bird flu?
  • How about info about OFW situations in particular crisis areas, targetted for relatives of OFWs in the Philippines (identified through the IDD calls made or received)?
  • What if the DOH can give a 1-minute “advertisement” of preventive health programs available in the area?
  • Or how about LGU’s campaigning to the citizens to pay real estate taxes on time.

Paano kaya? Pwede kaya?

ka edong
telemarket fantasya

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  • It will be used for marketing purposes, just like in the states, now every call you pick up won’t always be a real person, it might be an ad. Its phone spam!

    Note, smart does this already, I’ve gotten a few calls from “Kyla” advertising some new service.

  • Roberto P.

    And I got a call from Rosa Rosal.

  • randy balaguer

    i’d b glad 2 receive a fone call from toni rose gayda! im a big fan! ; )

  • Hansen Dy

    Continued from Pinoy Big Brother. Closed na kasi comments dun.

    buti na lang matatanggal na si Franzen sa daratin na Sabado!