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PLDT myDSL Biz upgrades up to 15Mbps, 1.5Mbps committed speed

PLDT just announced its upgrade of their SME Nation’s PLDT MyDSL package. The premium package which provides up to 20 email addresses now boast a speed of up to 15Mbps and this plan will never go down below 1.5Mbps. That’s a guarantee PLDT boldly made.

PLDT once again pushed its accelerator as it upgrades their PLDT MyDSL solution for SMEs. The new package which will be available beginning March 15 is now packed with exciting bundles like a Trend Micro security software, free domain name hosting package, a committed speed and ZyXel Wi-Fi modem router.


PLDT shared that according to their research, 70% of the total labor force in the country are from SMEs, and 99.6% of registered businesses are SMEs which contribute 32% of the country’s GDP. The PLDT myDSL is really designed for entrepreneurs with a maximum of 20 users in its network.

Imagine a fire hose of web information being blown into your computer at breakneck speed. Brace yourself, as PLDT myDSL Biz is now coming to you faster than ever before. The basic service plan will increase from 4 Mbps to 10 Mbps. The premier plan, “œPowerpack C”, is going from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps. All product plans in between consequently get an upgrade, as well.

Besides the upgrade announcement, PLDT myDSL Biz also has a value added service in its security software bundle. This suite includes an anti-virus protection, anti-spyware, an impregnable firewall, and a secure fraud protection ““ all necessary precautions in the world of doing e-business.


A lock in period of 24 months is mandatory for this subscription.

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  • Griswold

    I like PLDT myDSL, kahit residential DSL nila consistent. nagkakaproblem pero bihira lang. in our experience at least.

  • Denna Tylman

    Most of these plugins do add some extra things to preventing spam but I think extra messures should be taken if your getting a lot of it. The high PR you have the more your get it

  • althea

    dati am satisfied w/ d pldt’s dsl for home but now their connection so disgusting and so w/ the service.. nakakainis.. bigla nalang mawa2la ang signal, the worst is i’ve been complaining this for a month already but till now nagtitiis pa rin nakakainis na signal.. sana naman kung pinapadami niyo customer niyo, wag niyong kalimutan pagandahin din ang signal nito

    • Macky Says

      mag complain ka sa national telecommunications commission NTC,malinaw na pangloloko yan

      • chiki

        same din sa akin before ok na ok ang dsl connection after october bumabagsak na…nagmomonitor ako gamit nang speedtest hayyy grabe kakainis bumabagsak downloads is only .12mbps tas ping 234ms..at na notice ko pag dumating nang hapon bumabagsak na ang connection nagcomplain ako sa customer service still nothing happens..pinafollowup ko rin hanggang sa naggive up nko sa pagtawag ng complains ko kasi wala pa ring actions…. sana you make actions to this….ang mahal kaya nang binabayaran namin…. you promise us 4mbps kaya ito ung plan nakinuha namin kasi akala namin maganda nga….

  • teddy

    Meron kami sa work namin nyan. Nag apply kami ng 10mbps. Ang problema, madalas DC as in madalas talaga. 3x na silang nagpalit ng modem. Nag rewiring na rin kami, lahat bago at maayos na pagkabit ng wire (baka daw kasi problema sa wire ng building). Pero ganun pa rin, parating DC. Lately nag speed test ako, at nakaka-inis talaga kasi bumagsak sa 1mbps ang reading ng speedtest.net. kainis talaga, kainis.

  • Macky Says

    ganito rin nangyari sa amin from 5 mbps ngayon naging 0.09 mbps dapat complain natin sa NTC ito

  • Rodel

    Tumawag ako sa costumer service. Dynamic ang IP pag gusto ng upgraded BIZ DSL.so useless lng din samin upgrade n yan.

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