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PLDT myDSL speed upgrades almost complete

PLDT myDSL users, anybody noticed any speed upgrade on their DSL connection the past few weeks?

During the Panagbenga Festivalwidth="225" in Baguio last February, I was able to chat with somebody from PLDT and I asked when they will start upping the speed of current DSL plans. Turns out they are already in the process of doing that and the speed upgrades are almost complete. The reason why I’m not seeing any improvements on my end because they’re upgrading those at the 384kbps connection last.

Early this year, the myDSL Plan 1995 was upgraded to 3mbps from 2mbps, and Plan 3000 was upgraded to 5mbps from 3mbps. Then last month, it Plan 999 subscribers should have noticed speed upgrades from 1mbps to 1.5mbps.

“œThis set of free DSL speed upgrades is a result of PLDT’s continuous investment in the company’s superior connectivity backbone. We are committed to making our subscribers’ experience more fulfilling and rewarding,” said PLDT Group Head for Home Ariel Fermin.

Only thing left to upgrade are those subscribed to Bundled  Plan 990 (384kbps) and Bundled Plan 1299 (768kbps). I hope PLDT will accomplish the speed boost for these plans this month.

“œResidential subscribers are now heavy users of internet with all the new content they can access online. These series of speed upgrades will allow our customers the speed they now require but at the same price,” said PLDT Home Marketing Head Dan C. Ibarra.

Thanks PLDT!

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  • JmBalicano

    Ohhh.. Will I finally be able to graduate from 384kbps? Please be true!!

    • Marjohn

      kelan ang upgarde ng plan 990?

      • wala pa rin. 🙁

        • Marjohn

          pero may tataasan din nila ung plan 990 o hindi na?

      • Anonymous

        Lipat na lang sa SKYInternet about the same price but faster speed.

        • Dane in the Phils

          Yeah but mind you Sky is not unlimited, MyDSL is

  • carlo

    what will be the new speed of bundle plan 990 and 1299?

    • i’m figuring just one step higher lang. so 768kbps and 1mbps respectively.

      • carlo


        • ED

          I have the 1995 Plan. Suppose to get
          minimum of 3 mbps and don’t even get that
          most of the time. Terrible service.

      • hcr

        Bundled plans aren’t getting any speed bump. You can check it on their website. (http://myworldmydsl.com/)

  • rondee

    I rarely use my PLDT dsl because of the slow speed and rely on my cable broadband subscription. I dunno if it will make much of a difference if the speed boost cannot match what we already have with cable. It has to be faster and cheaper, otherwise, wala rin.

  • Pao

    We just received a call from a PLDT rep last week. They’ll be upgrading our speed from 1 mbps to 1.5 mbps. And they’ll give us a free router too. 🙂

    I just don’t know how we’ll be able to check if the speed is already upgraded.

    • try speedtest.net and connect to makati server (a PLDT hosted server)

      • Pao

        Thanks Roiji!

    • Marei

      If I will going to call to PLDT what will I tell? Should ask if the upgrading thing is true? I am having low net too.

      • ano po plan niyo? kami plan 990 pero same speed pa rin ever since. 384kbps

  • Benj

    nope haven’t noticed it yet, and to think I’m at Quezon City…

  • carlito

    Same here no speed upgrade yet, on plan 999. Also in quezon city.

  • Jao Madn

    The truth is were really cheated by the provider if we really compare whats in the specs/standard regulation speed and the actual speed we receive. All in the television is just for advertisement purpose. I believe we deserve the right standard speed of what they advertised and paid for.

    • im getting consistent 384kbps on my plan 990. siguro rarely lang bumagal than that speed. i think maybe it’s based on location din?

    • hcr

      In case you don’t know, the advertised speed is on bits while the download speed is on byte. To check whether you’re getting the advertised speed, using the advertised speed of your plan, either divide it by 8 or multiply it by 0.125.

    • koi

      Mb and MB are different from each other as well as for Kb and KB… try understanding first things about bits and bytes before you complain… might as well research about reduction of signal due to noise…

  • Its too late now for me, I already switch to globe Plan 1299 with landline and internet speed of 2Mbps.

  • outta watta

    That speed is only good if you do a speed test within the Philippines. If you do it with servers internationally the speeds are about half that of the plan.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  • Ron

    This is just all press releases from PLDT, no action. Still no upgrade for my plan 1995, stuck at 2 MBPS here in Las Piñas.

  • Mandaluyong here.. still @ 2Mbps for plan 1995..
    And to think, they are bragging that I may get up to 3.5Mbps because I’m on their NGE network when they call me..


    PLDT is more reliable than Sky Broadband. I have to reset less (thrice a year) than once a month of Sky Broadband.
    Download speed is more consistent.

  • Ed

    wushuuuu lilipat na nga ako sa Globe

  • Eric

    Hi Calvin, would you know if this upgrade is for the Metro Manila area only? Or are provincial areas also included (i.e. Cebu)?

    • it should be. you’re paying the same price right?

      • Eric

        Yup. Paying the same price. This is good news then. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • This is something to look forward.

  • Benjo

    Would this really affect the bundled plans as well? Parang puro sa ibang higher-tiered plans yung upgrade eh.

    • yeah eventually from what i was told

      • Benjo

        I see. I hope so.

        My friend with Plan 990 called PLDT the other day and he was inquiring about the increase from 385 kbps to 512 kbps. Na-bad trip siya kasi yung agent ang sabi, yung 512kbps free upgrade eh para lang dun sa new Plan 990 subscribers and not available to already existing ones.

        Weird. Must be some lazy agent who doesn’t want to do some more work on his part.

        But I really do hope all of us, even those belonging to the lowest plans, get the upgrade. 🙂

  • PLDT Upgrade Hoax

    This is a hoax since 2009-2001.

    Telling the public that they’ll receive upgrade but they don’t.

    I’ve been a plan P999 subscriber since before 2005 and have been following up about twice a year since 2009.

    Need a better *stable* DSL alternative that can install within a day or less than a week because we can’t afford the downtime.

    I hate to end the 7 year business relationship with myDSL but they only give the 1.5mbps to new customers.

    • JmBalicano

      Actually I just heard from a PLDT radio advertisement on RX 93.1 that existing myDSL plans will indeed be receiving the upgrade along with new subscribers. What’s still not clear is if bundled plans (those bundled with a landline) will receive a similar speed bump.

  • JL

    im on plan 990 to. want to get a speed upgrade to plan 1299….


    im hesitant because of the censorship done by pldt.. those fuckers.

    i recently bought a tablet from china…and in order to get new firmware updates…i have to go to its official website. problem is, i couldnt access their site with my home dsl. i thought the site was just down for a few days or maybe only accessible within china (http://www.szuzone.com) but i was surprised to find out that i could access the same site using our office SUN wireless broadband connection. so…wtf? and i also know they block certain porn sites too…

    im thinking about switching to globe dsl, is it as stable as pldt?


    • Jao Madn

      @jl: hay “http://www.szuzone.com/en/products.asp” is up an running here. kaso im in taiwan..hehe..may you can try proxy or TOR. try to tunnel via ssh through this proxy site shellmix.com, it will sure by pass web filtering.

    • the site is accessible on my PLDT MyDSL line.
      the censorship may be caused by your anti virus.

      • JL

        hmmm. thanks for the tip!

        it is weird though that my tablet sharing the same dsl connection via wifi can access the same site.(just tested now) i only have the windows firewall and MS antivirus installed, didn’t know they could affect sites i could visit….

  • Tristan

    Walang kwentang PLDT myDSL daming alam. Dapat PLDC, tang ina DC ng DC. Baguhin niyo style niyo. Panira kayo eh, Changin Lives talaga kayo eh. Tapos mag u’upgrade pa kayo? Ayusin niyo muna connection niyo. Walang araw na hindi ako na d’dc eh. Mga gago.

    • Hindi po ba talaga maganda ang mydsL? ano po ba ang maganda ? ..

  • Neil

    Di ko alam na na-upgrade din pala yung Plan 999. Matawagan nga PLDT.

  • ah kaya pala.. hehe. pero nagloloko internet ko now, sobrang bagal ng buffer ng videos. nung tumawag ako wala naman daw upgrade sa area ko, pero ive noticed na sa gabi nasa 1.5 mbps nga ako, (plan 999) pero the past few days im having problems with videobuffering hay

  • Always be Filipino PLDTMYDSL ATMs and several unscrupulous telecommunications operators?Monthly fee asking price is 20,000 PHP (Contract for HK $ 3500.00) 100-Mbps fiber-optic broadband, eat or drink in the month of the Philippines, a senior staff salary can only spend a broadband, the fact that only in the Philippines, officials and businessmen colluded to entrapthe country can tolerate people occurred in the high-paying high-cost business environment in Hong Kong 100 Mbps fiber-optic broadband just is not enough to be HK $ 78.00 (contract for the Philippine peso, 440.00), compare the Philippines, which is why I hate the Philippines, sothe speed of the need for such a great price. In other countries, they give you the real speed fast internet speed, but an affordable price.

    • MinhThu

      i like your post, let our telecommunications here in the Phils know that, they get too much from their clients without consent, even some force you pay for landline( it’s not necessary bc every one know have CP or internet to communicate to others)when you try to have internet connection only! they just like monopoly( take it or leave it),
      thanks for your post anyway

  • boy

    nagrereklamo ako kasi plan 1299 ako wala naman po ako naramdaman na increase sa speed. pareho parin kahit nag complain na ako sa pldt office, sabi ba naman na auto nalang un.

    balak ko ngaun upgrade ko nalang mismo ung connection ko, kunin ko ung worth 4k pesos. ok po ba un? malaki ba diffence speed tlga?

  • Yuki

    instead of feeling an upgrade my connection seem to have slowed down and i have experienced constant disconnection and up to hours of totally no internet.

  • Serg

    when i fill that form http://mydsl.pldthome.com/planupgrade.aspx, it says, invalid adress, why? i copy exact from bill, whats the problem?

    • PLDT Subscriber

      Same problem here. I tried everything from ALL CAPS to lowercases, straight typing etc.

  • Fanibeth Domingo

    I have been using bundled plan 990 since it was offered, unfortunately, i made a speed test just now its only 138.4 kbps, kaya pla halos walang gana mag internet!

    Last july i applied for an upgrade to plan 1299 ( ung promo nila) i discovered i have been billed for an upgraded service from july 23 – Aug 15 and also on my next bill this month due to be paid on sept. 11! The nerve!

    The customer service officer at the pldt office did her best to tame my anger/disappointment, since i told her i have only used my internet for 5 times this august dahil sobrang bagal nga!

    I was told to call 171 and 172 for my complains, and i did after i got home from work…so far wala pang sumagot… YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US! un lang ang sinasabi ng answering machine!

    Hay naku, kung may ibang choice lang ako na IP! Ang mahal na nga ng bayad the BAD service EVEN GETS TO MY NERVE!

    Second, hindi ba kau nahihirapan umintindi ng BILLING STATEMENT?

    Thirdly, i was billed with two (2) text messages to MOLDOVA from my sim card number (extended line) for two consecutive months now worth P13.64 each. Anybody from Moldava here? The CSO offered to refund the worth of two-text messages!

    • yung binabayaran mo sa kanila always one month in advance. and yes mahirap intindihin, at least for me. hehehe.

  • Upgraded na sa amin! inemail ko lang yung pldt. [email protected] . tapos screen shot ng speed and landline number lang hininge.

    • nice! ano po dsl plan niyo?

  • rizza

    _may pumunta dito sa bahay na sabi pa-upgrade daw from 990 to 1 Mb libre daw up to Jan. 15.. totoo po ba yun? and tataas daw ng konti yung fee monthly..

    _para samin ng kapatid ko mabilis naman yung 990 though minsan mabagal xah, nakakapaglaro naman and nakakanuod ng youtube.. 🙂

    • totoo libre until jan 15. pacancel mo na lang afterwards para di tumaas ang singil

  • Justin

    hangang ngayon 2014 wala paring upgrade sa mga speed

  • jon

    i m still using 384kbs

  • dan

    I dont know what happen to my connection but i had before 384kbps and now i got whooping 8mbps. is this right?