PLDT myDSL-W Wireless DSL

PLDT has a wireless “DSL” service.

It appears to be a PLDT-branded version of Smart WiFi with different plans and rates. The service is offered as an alternative to wired, phone line DSL. The branding continues the trend that in the Philippines, “DSL” means “broadband.”

Any feedback on the service?

Info posted to a TipidPC thread:

Initial info that I got appears below. This will be launched tomorrow Oct 15 nationwide

The New PLDT DSL-W (wireless) –
An external antenna mounted on your roof, wall , or water tank will be installed
One Thousand Pesos Install fee ““ pay at business center

Is this the same as Meridian or Smart Wifi?

Yes and No.

PLDT DSL-W uses the same facilities but different because it has 3 kinds of Plans/Bandwidth speed. And the bill is included in your PLDT phone bill (unlike Meridian and Smart Wifi)

PLDT DSL-W clients can avail of ID DSL which enables IDD users to call abroad for as low as 0.08 US cents per minute Smart wifi can not

3 initial Residential DSL-W Plans (1 year lock-in period)
Plan 999 256kbps 999 pesos
Plan1995 512kbps 1995pesos
Plan3000 1mbps 3000pesos

256kbps for 988php
128kbps for 788php

Coming soon but only in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao wireless 3mbps

Who can Avail ? ——————————
POST PAID phone owners without DSL facilities in their area
Those without phones
Those with pre-paid phone lines TELESULIT

Those who do not have post paid line MUST PAY IN ADVANCE (pre-paid service)
You must Pay 1k for install fee PLUS the amount of your plan before your DSL-W will be installed

Those with POST PAID line will be charged installation fee together with their phone bill

Area Of Coverage ? —————————

Metro Manila, Metro Davao, Metro Cebu

Other Provincial areas especially in Major provinces service is also available Speed of up to 1mbps is available in the provinces.

Smart WIFI php 788 for 128kbps
PLDT DSL-W 999 for 256kbps

How is it connected to your computer? ————————

Via LAN Port also

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  • The branding is an insult to broadband users’ intelligence.

  • Hmm interesting
    if they can pull off teh 1mbps speed, its a good product for customers who cant get regular DSL, though I dont like wireless cause of my bad experiences with Meridian

  • Tried calling their tech support. They are Meridian as well.

  • “PLDT DSL-W clients can avail of ID DSL which enables IDD users to call abroad for as low as 0.08 US cents per minute.”

    Bundling VoIP while their lawyers delay other companies’ VoIP offerings. How typical of a telco monopoly. ;P

  • Ted Victorino

    I had my smart wifi connection installed on October 3rd, paid Php 1,988.00. Tried several times to call service support and emailed them everyday and after 3 service requests, finally they came to change my antennae on November 4 and only then did I have a connection speed of 56 to 60 kbps though my subscription was 256kbps.
    Anyone else who want to try? By the way, both PLDT wifi and smart is serviced by Meridian.

  • Our office (we’re just a small team) tried to sign up for smart wifi. They have this thing called bilis-kabit program, promising to do the installation in 5 days.

    well well, it took them 3 weeks, (that pissed off my boss a lot), and when they came, they declared that they cannot get a decent signal.

    PLDT / SMART telco offerings are so full of s***.

  • iAn

    hi my name is iAn, im from francisco homes san jose del monte bulacan, i have a digitel landline phone, can i still avail for SMART WIFI 256kbps for 988php or the 128kbps for 788php? hoping for ur immediate response, im really really interested to get this kind of internet service. thanks! -iAn-

  • wiz

    I agreed on most comments,like they said ,I expect what I paid for, a 256k not just 56k. Maybe we’re just neglected, because we’re in the province

  • E41

    Pareho lang yan ng smart wifi mabagal, hinde stable ang konekyon, shared ang konekyon and hindi din maganda ang tech sup.

  • Broadband Butterfly

    Bobo yung customer service na nakausap ko sa PLDT office sa 5/F SM Megamall. Kailangan mo daw ng landline para pwede kang mag-apply ng DSL-W kasi yung internet lang daw yung wireless pero yung voice sa landline pa rin. Hello? Kaya nga sila nagbebenta ng DSL-W, kasi hindi kaya ng DSL wired nila mag-serve sa bahay mo. Nagtanong pa yung customer service sa supervisor niya, at “oo” naman ang sagot ng magkasing-bobong supervisor.

    Kelangan din daw ng landline kasi kasama yung DSL-W charges sa landline bill. Teka, bakit nga ba kailangang magdala ng ID pagka BAGONG DSL-W application ang gagawin?

    So, bumaba ako sa 4th floor at nag-apply na lang ng Smart Wifi. ID (driver’s license) rin lang ang kailangan. Nakatipid pa ng P11/month.

    Bobo! Bobo! Bobo! Iyan lang ang masasabi ko sa customer service ng PLDT. Na-stuck sa dinosaur age kasama ang rotary dial (pulse-type) phone.

  • mary

    Just want to know if the line telesulit can be connected to the internet? How and how much are we going to pay monthly? Or are we gonna use the telesulit card to get through the net? Please reply..
    We live in Tanay Rizal, very near to Antipolo City.

  • Well

    I subscribed for PLDT DSL-w. So far, it works fine, if not great. I usually get around 240kbps-256kbps. There were some down time but it only lasts around 5 mins. I’m living in San Mateo, Rizal, btw.

    The only downside is that it took them 3 freakin’ weeks to install the darned antenna.

  • Kris

    Do the PLDT WeRoam and the SMART WiFi use the same technology?
    I noticed that the WeRoam uses the GPRS and (if available) the EDGE communication technology. Does Smart use the same technology?
    If both services use the same technology why is the WeRoam service more expensive than the Smart WiFi?
    I asked several PLDT/SMART Customer Service Representatives this question but none of them can answer these questions…

  • Dane

    Gud pm… My application is my dsl wifi plan 1995 but as of now I only have less than 100kbps speed..supposed to b it is 512kbps…our reference no. is 2000000634..please give us a report regarding this..thanks..

  • andrei

    to all who have problems with wi-fi and dsl services of dsl companies… i can help you with all your concerns and questions… just email me on this [email protected]… so that i could get to you as soon as possible… please also indicate your contact nos. so that i could respond to you as soon as possible… thanks everyone…

  • andrei

    to all who have problems with wi-fi and dsl services of dsl companies… i can help you with all your concerns and questions… just email me on this [email protected]… so that i could get to you as soon as possible… please also indicate your contact nos. so that i could respond to you as soon as possible… thanks everyone…

  • moji

    hi to all… after reading all ur comments, i lost my enthusiasm on availing the state of the art technology which is the wireless broadband internet… after all its not even state of the art.. heheheh …lots of complaints… bulok pala ang services… pinoy talaga oo… tsk.tsk.tsk. kumita lang ng pera.. lolokohin pati kapwa nya… pano tayo uunlad nan???? ala ay igi….

  • feedback on the service, uhm, i dont have yet the wifi version but dsl service with pldt works fine (not great) with me. i mean, of course down time is unavoidable but hey, service is still service.. if only i have a laptop i would get one of those wifi..

    the thing that f*cks me is their customer service.. f*cker with a capital f! i am a customer service rep myself but i dont treat my customers the way they treat me.. they dont even have a voice recorder to protect their customer and themselves from infringement.. and dont get me started with their voice prompt!

    come to think of it, isnt it ironic how offshore companies are using filipino manpower to provide quality customer rep to their customers while our very own flag bearer telephone company dsnt..?

  • PLDT’s “DSL”-wireless service actually rides on the Meridian Internet backbone, which they purchased just a while ago. I subscribe to Meridian and honestly, their technical support is really substandard.

    For my entire problem with the service, just check out the link (My nick) I provided above.

  • Geri

    I am currently subscribed to PLDT-DSL 999. I encountered problems during the first two weeks after installation, unable to connect etc. They resolved the problem and gave me a rebate for about 5 days (Not enough to compensate for all the phone calls I made, and the hassle of listening to the incompetent Customer service of PLDT + the effort and the prepaid I consumed during those dark days). I am not expecting much from Plan 999, but hey 999 pesos per month is still 999 pesos. Currently I am having a very bad connection since 19 December 2005, and as usual, the SOP, reset the modem, reset the computer, check cable connections etc. thing.. It’s been three long days and the customer service representatives are unable to answer me directly what the hell is wrong with my DSL connection. And yet they continue to offer DSL-Wireless and advertise Plan 999 of having 384kbps speed! For Pete’s sake (and also mine) check if the capacity of your network can still accomodate new subscribers before accepting new ones. Excellent advertising, poor services and technical support. Is it true that most PLDT big bosses are not complaining with these incompetent services because they are subscribed to Globe Broadband? (Amf) (Smirk) (Angry)

  • Geri

    Still NO PLDT-DSL Connection. December 19, 2005 to December 26, 2005. PLDT, Merry Christmas po! Sana lalo pang dumami ang subscriber ninyo, para nang sa gayon ay lumaki pa lalo ang kitain ninyo. OK na OK ang CSR.

  • regor

    Kung tutuosin nakalibre na ang pldt, smart wifi, dsl & meridian ng tunay na feed back, comments &
    suggestion box dito sa sila makakakuha o makakabasa ng tunay na reklamo ng kanilang mga subsribers, at siguradong mag-iimprove sila kung bibigyan nila ng positive
    action ang mga comments kung di makakapal ang mukha na tumanggap lamang ng wastong bayad pero masama ang kanilang KAPALIT na serbisyo.
    sang-ayon ako sa mga comments dito ukol sa smart wifi. dahil mas malala pa ang nararanasan ko sa masamang serbisyo nila.ty sa, nabawasan ang init ng ulo
    ko.hindi pala ako nag-iisa sa problema ko.hindi kaunti kundi marami kami.ituloy ang reklamo baka sakaling magbago.HAPPY NEW YEAR na lang bago pumutok ang BUTSI natin na dulot
    ng mga magagaling na nabanggit sa itaas.

  • Archie

    I just subscribed for PLDT MyDSL-W plan. Well, I don’t know why, I think I was just impressed on having a “Hi-Speed” internet connection at the comfort of my home. Instead of going to computer shops every single day and being accused of using Limewire on their Internet Shops, I thought that it is going to be very convenient. Well guess what, All the things I’ve thought never happened. What happened to “hi-speed downloading”? Heck, the downloading speed is the same as when I am using dial-up connections! What’s the minimum subscription for this Mydsl anyway? 3 months? 6 months? or a Whopping 12 months of SUFFERING!? After a couple of days I want to unsubscribe already. Its just not worth the MONEY AND the TIME!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Kenshin Lucky

    Is PLDT DSL really sucks? *… Lucky for me, buti na lang at walang PLDT landline d2 smin at nauwi ako sa SMART WIFI.. (my last resort) pero mukhang blessings in disguise pa kasi iv been enjoying with 374 kbps (sometimes). The only bad thing i noticed was it made “Addictus” sa kkdownload..(insomnia attacks). But nway, research muna kau about ur place kung may malapit na CELLSITE pra mas mlaki ang chance na mabilis ang connection nyo.. Sorry PLDT DSL , tnx SMART WIFI.. frm Caloocan.. (*.^.*)

  • macy

    i also had problems with pldt plan 999, i had problem connecting and whenever there is an incoming call i got disconnected. di ba i should not be disconnected? any idea why it happens?

  • einna

    di ako makadecide kung magssubscribe ba ako sa PLDT myDSL-W connection or hindi.

    i live in mandaluyong. sa tingin nyo mabilis kaya connection…?? i need it eh.

    denied application ko sa PLDT DSL.
    smart wifi walang signal samin
    Globe naman walang linya daw.

    comments please! thx

  • Stuppo

    Well thanks to this site im now well informed that our telcos are still hyping up their stuff… I was thinking about getting the plan 999 from pldt. Well, not anymore.
    Thanks for voicing out ppl.. I guess i’ll going back to Bonanza or evolve… :p

  • totzulot

    planning to change to a DSL line interested ako dito sa plan 999 nang PLDT, pero ive heard a lot of bad feedback dito…..

    sayang naman ung 999 diba, i am currently using a dial up na 700 pesos para sa internet tapoz me 750 pa sa fone so its almost 1500 na.

    gusto ko sana ung globe broadband, maganda daw ito kesa sa pldt. gusto ko malaman kung meron silang service sa paranaque andif ever san puwede magapply?

  • linksys

    bakit ganun smart wifi mura nga mamumura m nmn ung connection!!!!….leche lagi disconnect bihira lng un dirediretso connection tsaka ung mga tech. ang tatamad dun pa sa malayong site kumuha ng connection e meron nmn d2 mas malapit walking distance lng….gusto q try digitel kaso hawak dn ng pldt baka ganun dn!!!kung ganyan lagi service nyo mgaalisan mga customer nyo pldt s*cks!!!bigtime….

  • Richard

    PLDT Wireless sucks big time!!! nag apply friend ko ng Plan 999 last Dec 14 2k5 up to now Feb 2006 na di pa rin naikakabit, ang galing naman nila mag sabi ng 15 days lng maikakabit na!(check nio ung terms and condition ng application form. 6 times,(1 week intervals pa!) na tumawag ang magkakabit sabi ikakabit na sa araw na ganito then pag dating nang araw na sinabi nila nanuyo na lang ang mata namin kaka antay di manlang tumawag kung di sila darating… imagine that gawin sa iyo ung nang anim na beses… sabihin nalang nila na di sila magkakabit kaysa naman magpaasa… dami pa namang ISP dyan… suggestion ko lng dadagan nyo mga tao nyo na kayang magkabit ng on time hindi yung nagpapaasa lang kayo

  • eyesclone

    hmm… how abt globelines broadband any comments from u guys?

  • zinergizer

    I am a subscriber of PLDT WeRoam since January, 2006. The service is very poor I am not getting a good connection ever since. The speed is slower than my dial up connection at 33 to 44 kbps which I paid 399 per month. In other words, I am not getting what I have paid for. Add to that their very slow moving Tech Support. I once reported a downtime on April 14, 2006 and to my dismay they only came to the rescue May 10!

    I am now planning to terminate the srvice and return the aircard to them. Do you guys think this is possible even though i am not yet through with the lock-in period of 12 months? Please advise thru email [email protected]. Thanks.

  • jinggoy

    isang malaking kagaguhan ang pkulo ng pldt na ito. ang sarap makapatay. dito sa opisina ko sa makati. naging pppoe ang account ko eh small business micro ang subcription ko. putang inang pldt yan!!!! ok pa yung BAYANTEL KO SA BAHAY EH.

  • jinggoy

    isang malaking kagaguhan ang pkulo ng pldt na ito. ang sarap makapatay. dito sa opisina ko sa makati. naging pppoe ang account ko eh small business micro ang subcription ko. putang inang pldt yan!!!! ok pa yung BAYANTEL KO SA BAHAY EH.

  • jinggoy


  • jinggoy


  • chelle

    Hello everyone!

    Pls advise kung anong internet-phone service ang efficient at mabilis. Marami akong nabasang hindi maganda tungkol sa PLDT DSL. Yung Globelines Broadband at Bayantel DSL ba ok? Pls bigay naman kayo ng feedback. Yung parents ko nasa Mandaluyong, Manila. Andito ako sa California U.S. Hinahapan ko sila ng computer at internet service para naman makapag-usap kami ng madalas via internet.
    Meron ba kayong suggestion kung anong computer brand ang ok bilhin sa Pilipinas?
    Nagre-research ako online pero hindo ako familiar kung anong brand ang reliable at effective.
    Pls email me at [email protected] for your tech advise. Salamat kabayan!

  • sympre bayantel may darating in 24 hours na service kasi wala naman sila ibang customers kasi konti lang talaga subscribers nila! hahahha!

  • I personally haven’t used PLDT wireless DSL but judging from all the comments here, it doesn’t seem to be the best option. I have used the standard fiber-optic DSL and I have not had any major problems.

    However, I may be wrong but judging from your description, it appears that your parents are not very tech-savvy. If so, then you may have some problems educating them on setting up the PC, setting up the internet connection, setting up VOIP or Skype. If you have someone back home who is tech-savvy, he/she should be able to help out.

  • There is a reason why Bayantel has quick service. I’m not telling though…

  • i_am_the_saviour

    lam nio mga tga pldt, MAGTANIM NA LANG KAYO NG KAMOTE!!!

  • lois_lane


    Do you really believe that I’ve got nothing better to do than call your company and waste my time listening to one of your workers give me 50 excuses as to why I don’t really need someone to come to my house to fix a problem that reoccurs over and over, then when they actually do agree to send someone, do absolutely nothing to fix the problem? In America if an internet service goes down, which rarely happens, I can call the company, they will not argue with me, and they will not try to do everything they can to avoid giving me service. Instead they will send someone to my house, and they will also give me an exact day and approximate time of arrival no greater than 4 hours. What does your company do? Your company says “yeah we’ll send someone in the next week”. In the next week?? No exact day, no hourly time, just what kind of company are you running? Is this a joke? Do you think that people will sit home for a week waiting for one of your technicians to show up? Do you know what would happen if you were an American company doing that in America? You’d be laughed at. People would actually think your company was joking, and then upon finding out you weren’t, they would get your service removed as quickly as possible..

    I have calculated the total amount of internet down time over the past 365 days. Out of the past 365 days, your internet service has not worked 15 out of every 24 hours or 225 -whole- days out of the past 365. Your internet service has failed to work for approximately 62% of each day. And the time it does work, generally between the hours of 12am and 5am most of the human race SLEEPS. I have paid for your internet service in FULL for the past year. Yet what have I received in return? 2200 pesos a month for an internet service that works 38% of the time. That comes to over 17,000 pesos which I have paid your company for absolutely NOTHING. Do you think I enjoy giving my money away for free? If I wanted to give my money away for nothing, I certainly wouldn’t be giving it to some greedy corporation that doesn’t even have the capacity to take care of its current customers but continues to do everything it can to lure more people into its services.

    Let me give you a little bit of advice, it doesn’t matter how many customers you get to use your service, if it sucks, which yours most definitely does, it’s only a matter of time before they leave and find a company that provides the identical service that you do, but ACTUALLY WORKS!

    What would the world be like if the rest of us put in the effort that your company puts into its service and support?

    Let’s see…
    If I only go to work 38% of the time I am supposed to. Result I’m FIRED.
    If I only pay 38% of my house rent. Result I’m HOMELESS.
    If I only complete 38% of my educational requirements in college, do they just hand me a degree anyway? NO
    If my house was burning down, would having the firefighters put out 38% of the fire be acceptable? NO

    Starting to get the point? If 38% is unacceptable in everything else, what makes your company feel so special as to believe that 38% efficiency is acceptable for them???

    Your service really SUCKS!!

  • Mark

    Sorry mga bro sa mga experience niyo ang experience ko nman ay sa Smart Wifi… nag apply ako march 1 2k6 then march 3 2k6 nandyn na sila para ikabit yung connection so far March 3-4 maganda connection nila after that wala ng connection laging disconnect. So tumawag ako sa smart tech ganito response nila “Im really sorry sir because the base station is in repair,so sa akin OK lang… then kinabukasan tawag ako ulit sabi nila sira pa rin daw yung base station nila.. So after 21 days of calling them ganon pa rin response nila… Badtrip na ako sobra so ang ginawa ko punta ako sa Smart wireless sa Sm bicutan(dito kasi ako nag apply) sabi nila hindi daw pwede i pa disconnect kailangan daw mag bayad ng 11 months remaining so ang sabi ko naman( medyo mahinahon lang ako) maam 2 days ko pa lang nagagamit yung Wifi niyo tapos 1 year na ang babayaran ko as soon as possible lang tanggalin niyo na yung antena niyo sa akin. then pinabalik nila ako sa ulit (actually my exams pa ako that day binilisan ko pa mag exam para puntahan lang sila) ganito naman ang sabi nila sa akin ” Sir pwede niyo po ba ilista yung mga date & time na tumawag kayo sa wifi…. Sa isip-isip ko SHIT itong mga ito ako na nagbayad installation fee & deposit bale 1900 something) then ako pa yung papaproblemahin nila kung ilan beses ako tumawag.. so gumawa ako ng logs, time kung kailan ako tumawag.. then after 3 days on the process pa rin daw.. so sobrang inis na ako.. pinapunta ko yung mother ko sa smart wifi.. ang ginawa naman ng mama ko sabi ko yung mahinahon lang “pinagmumura niya lahat ng customer service sa wifi doon” imagine kinabukasan on the process na kaagad ang disconnection ko… pero it takes 2 months para ma appove daw ng Wifi fortunately may na refund ako 1000.. then ang question ko 988 na pala ang 2 days connection nila.. SHIT! pero ok lang basta wala na ako wifi… hehehh.. but after 2 weeks may tumawag sa akin sabi nila kung interesado pa ako ulit magpakabit ng wifi sabi ko “100% NO!”… Thank sa nanay ko sa pagmumura sa kanila….

  • ramoj

    ndi naman eh

  • ramoj

    maganda naman yung PLDT EH….

  • joe neil

    Klangan q po ang 2long ninyoh me ginaga wa po akong report about sa bad results of useing internet

  • yhay

    hayyy! cnabi nyo pah!!kainis talaga an smart wifi,nag apply kmi sa online service nila,gulat ako kc an bilis cguro mga 5days lang may nag txt na sakin na taga smart isend ko daw an mga info ko,at first di ko ni replyan,abah di tumigil at tumawag na talaga,so madaling sabi nkapag bigay nko 3-5 days lng din ata un nagka connection na ako..pero nmn pla sobrang bagal at tipong makikipag agawan ka sa ibang subscriber na mka pag open na una,medyo bumIbilis lng pag madaling araw na,eh naman matutulog kna kaya nun..(di nmn tau kwago para gising sa buong magdamag)at eto na an pinaka nakakainis,nun bumagyo ng super lakas year 2006 nawalan ako ng connection,di ko agad na ireport kc ala nmn kuryente at di maka daan an mga sasakyan sa bandang amin(loma binan laguna) dahil sa mga nag bagsakang poste,after 4days na nag ka power samin so saka ko na sabi ng customer service nila (na halos mapudpod an daliri ko sa kapipindot tapos dial tone lng pla an maririnig)i check ko daw an mga cord etc..,at sabi pa sakin pupuntahan nlng daw nila,sabi ko kelan sabi sakin next wik po mam,ang next wik nila inabot ng isang bwan bgo na sabi ko irerebate ko un kc lampas na ng 1month na ala sila service sakin,,at alam nyo ba na an pag papa process ng rebate na un inabot ng 3mos bgo nag ka result if na an nkaka inis pa nito an na rebate ko lng daw ay 144 something(dun sa 1month na ala con.ha)at nag mag mail sakin an smart ala nmn na bawas GANUN PADIN BILL KO,..nkakainis dba??!di ako mka action kc nasa labas ako ng bansa…sarap singhalan ng mga tao ng smart!!!!SISTEMA NYO BULOK!!!!

  • ara

    PLDT sucks!!!Yung regular line nga lang (regular subscription) problemado. Dati kung umuulan, nawawala ang dial tone. Nung tumagal, lalong lumala ang problema. Kahit hindi umulan, nawawala pa rin ang dial tone. And ever since nagstart ang problemang yan, nirereport namin kaagad sa PLDT which ang sabi naman ng customer service, irereport din nila sa repair technicians nila. Oo ngat pinupuntahan nila ang area pero yung problema on hand lang ang nireresolve nila. Hindi nila inaalam kung ano ang cause kaya pabalik balik at paulit ulit lang ang problemang nirereport sa kanila. Kung minsan matagal pa bago nila maresolve. E syempre sino bang gaganahang magbayad ng bill kung ganun nalang ang service nila di ba. Isa pang minus factor sa kanila ang charges na nakareflect sa billing. Kung yung mga panahon na hindi gumana ang telepono ay hindi nila binigyan ng rebate syempre maiinis talaga ang customer di ba. You still have to request pa at hindi automatic. Sige, sabihin nating irerequest nga. Pero subject pa rin for confirmation kung talagang rebatable o hindi. Pag sinabing hindi rebatable, ano gagawin mo? Ang suggestion ng taga PLDT, gumawa ng letter addressed to PLDT tapos submit sa office nila requesting for a rebate. Is it practical? Di ba hassle yang ganyan? Sabihin nating bibigyan nga ng rebate pero yung amount ng rebate doesnt pay off the effort and all the hassles. To cut everything in short, sino gaganahan mag subscribe sa service nila, especialy yung DSL, kung marami na ring nagcocomplain about that.PLDT really sucks!sad to say,matagal na sila sa telecom pero instead of improving dumadami ang palpak.I think management, engineers and pldt employees should pay attention this time.

  • This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  • PLDT myDSL (Dick Sucking Lips).Aug.15,2007 let’s drop the service,switch to other network.They’re the biggest Telco in the Phil. and but they have the poorest quality of service.This is the effect of monopoly!!
    Let’s end this, Switch to other provider.Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy Kunsumer !!!

  • novoselic

    PLDT pioneer Telco in Phils. No.1 in poor quality service..
    PLDT MyDsl at Pque. area
    laging walang connection pag may internet connection naman super bagal naman…

    mga Internet cafe nga dito sa amin may signboard na sa labas ng Cafe nila eh.
    GRabe !!!

    wala naman kasing ibang broadband provider sa lugar namin kundi PLDT Lang
    nag try ako sa CableDestiny wala pa daw silang facility sa area namin.

    To PLDT management mag re-organize nga kayo!!!! Mahiya kayo Ang TAGAL nyo na sa Telco industry pero bulok parin ang service nyo!!! bwiset!!!

    • AceJava

      TAMA ka ((( novoselic ))well itong na list SPEED nila very poor tapos mahal pa..
      Plan 999 256kbps 999 pesos
      Plan1995 512kbps 1995pesos
      Plan3000 1mbps 3000pesos
      ZZZZ kahit 2MBPS parin yan pagal nyan.. 2 MBPS 3k????????? OMG..
      samantala dito sa Thailand 12 MBPS 1,200 lng convert sa peso 1,800 lng..
      PLDT myDSL-W Wireless DSL company <===
      pidi nyo bang gawing 8MBPS ang 3,000? mahal ng internet nyo bagal naman..

  • glowinthedark

    for me pldt sucks talga pero la namang choice dba kaya we cant do anything talga…nag apply ako ng smart bro ngayon at maraming nagsasabi na it also sucks at naka smart bro gf ko and aus naman sya…

  • PLDT myDSL my Dick Sucking Lips (:-O)

  • PLDT myDSL . . . my Dick Sucking Lips

  • PLDT myDSL? puro kayo “my” paano naman kami? puro kayo kabig,paano naman ang quality.You’re good in sucking our payments!Dick Sucking Lips! Dollar Suckers Lang!Gusto nyo nauuna kayo sa mga competitor,kahit walang quality.MAGSARA NA KAYO!di namin kayo kailangan.Manloloko!

  • cindy

    ahm…nacurious ako sa mga nabasa ko. Ah eh pano po yung mga internet shops na mabibilis nmn ang internet? anong company or internet system ang usually ginagamit nila? Tanong lang =)

  • Kris

    I have a question guys please help me i noticed something with my bill i applied for 999 per month but i always pay 2,272.73 pesos excluding my landline. Why is that guys? please answer this soon as possible. thank u.

  • Kris

    I have a question guys please help me i noticed something with my bill i applied for 999 per month but i always pay 2,272.73 pesos excluding my landline and my speed is only 687.1kbps Why is that guys? please answer this soon as possible. thank u.

  • Elow

    elow^^ i applied a phone line and im planning to apply din for new internet connection within QC. sabi nila mahina din ung sa bayantel and other connections at sa mga nabasa ko nagdadalawang isip tuloy ako mag apply ng pldt dsl :D.kahit ung 1mbps sana para atleast mabilis though inde naman talagang 1mbps un sguro mga around 700-800kbps lang (based sa experience ng friend ko).
    sabi dun sa pldt office, meron daw options like ung isa apply for new phone + internet connection worth 1.2k/mo. na atleast 256kbps fixed. then ung other is phoneline around P700/mo at internet [email protected] 999/mo.(so lumalabas 1.6k/mo bill ko monthly). eh bakit kay Kris ganunang billing? :s

    which is which po ba talaga? hehe

    karamihan sa mga internet shops na mabibilis ang connections, naka business plans sila (i guess)ung ang bill eh inde bababa ng 4k/mo.

  • Ei May TanOng Poh Akoh bumili poh kasi akoh ng Ipod Touch. Eh Dba Poh MAy SaFaRi Yun saKa Wi-Fi Connection. Pwede Koh Poh ba ma connect ang Ipod Touch koh para magka-internet dyan sa PLDT myDSL Wireless? Thanks poh

  • I Mean gagana ba yung safari and wi-fi connection ng ipod koh pag Ginamitan koh ng PLDt MyDSL Wireless?
    thanks poh

  • kyogen

    ei guys, gus2 ko lng share problema ko sa SMART BROlok…t*ng i*a naman kc yan…sabi nila 300kbps ang spped ng internet nila, tapos ang speed lng ng akin eh 50kbps..mga hayop..manloloko dapat sila idala sa senado eh, wag n muna si lozada PLDT & SMART are S****…

    nasa tama nmn ang pag babayad ko ng bill, tapos sila wala sa tama, aba mga hinayupak..ate isa pa!! halos 3months n ko nag rereklamo sa kanila, na ayusin nila ang connection ko..dec 3 2k7 ako nag reklamo..tapos ngaun march 4 2k8 na..wala p din action!! HAYOP talaga ang SMART BROlok…walang kwenta..tapos nung sinabi ko n mag papa disconnect nako..sabi bayaran ko p daw 4months ko..gago b sila!!

    msg ko para sa SMART BROlok:
    mga SIR at MA’AM, kailan po ba kau mag aayos? eh mga manloloko lng kayo eh..pineperahan nyo lng kami,,bulok ang sebisyo nyo…

    ikanga ni andy..”kainis”
    lol =)

  • P.L.DownTime

    Well, I would like to say the PLDTdsl has lots of technical issues, people that are installing their dsl lines have access to our information (the PPPoE login and the password). So they can use it anytime they want thus stealing our internet access, when somebody else uses your PPPoE acct they get connected and you get disconnected. You have to reboot your modem in order to get connected again. Imagine the cost of being offline especially if you have a web server that has many clients around the world.

  • joan

    elow! ask q lng if how we can avail pldt dsl?we smartbro now, can we install dsl instead of smartbro?we also need wireless phone….he he he help me naman

  • FDA

    Hanep talaga ang PLDT imagine hindi pa due date naniningil na kaagad pag alam nila na naka enrol sa credit card pati ung hindi pa due sinisingil na pano pag ang pondo mo lang sa card is yung month na dapat mo lang bayaran tapos puputulin nila kasi d mabayaran ng buo ng bangko dahil nga pati hindi pa due sinisingil na. pero pag kamag anak nila 3 buwan na di pa pinuputol


  • Andre

    Madaya and PLDT! and DSL that is supposedly connected through the PHONELINES are not! THEY ARE FALSE ADVERTISING! The PLDT MYDSL plans posted in their internet are not available everywhere! PLAN 1995 only HAS 512KBPS! OTHER PROVIDERS ARE FASTER! AND CHEAPER! ACCORDING TO THEIR SITE

    Xperience upt to 1.0 Mbps
    * 999

    up to 2.0 Mbps
    * 1,995

    up to 3.0 Mbps
    * 3,000


  • michael

    do we have DSL-W in tarlac i think PLDT should fix there dsl line because some of there line has a bad connection bago nila ilabas ang dsl-w nila!! and there contractor hmmm..

  • christian

    pwede po ba and pldt wireless internet sa dingalan..

  • sarah Valdez

    ang bagal ng internet dito sa sampaloc,tanay, rizal. grabe! wala na bang ibibilis to???? grabe ha! wala na ngang bill lagi ang bagal bagal pa!!!! ausin nyo nga!

  • AnnieMOus

    nkakainis grabe!!! patay sinde ang net tapos ang bagal pa!!!!ang mahal pa ng bill ko…GGGrrrrrr ayoko na! manloloko

  • Hoy pldt dsl company ayusin nyu serbisyo nyu wag kayong manloko pinipirahan nyu lng ang mga tao ang hina ng internet connection nio ang mahal pa ng bill..bwesit kau mga manloloko..kong ganyan kayu wagna kau mg negosyo..kakarmahin din kau..