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PLDT myDSL Xtreme can give you speeds up to 10Mbps

With the advent of internet TVs and growing popularity of internet video streaming, your 1Mbps line may not be enough to view even standard def videos without waiting to buffer. I was able to experience consistent 3Mbps for quite some time and it was nice not having to see that buffering text when watching videos online even if other people in the house are also using the internet.


PLDT myDSL added another bundle to their high-speed plans with the XTREME Plan 4000 which gives you up to 10Mbps speed in case a lot of people in your house are into downloading and watching videos online. There’s no bandwidth capping here so it’s truly unlimited. Installation and standard modem comes free on this plan.

Other high-speed plans include: Plan 990 (up to 1Mbps), Plan 1995 (up to 3Mbps) and Plan 3000 (up to 5Mbps). Visit http://www.myworldmydsl.com/ to learn more.

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  • jun

    why is this plan not on their site anymore? any idea?

    • it’s new… it’s in the site in one of those banner ads.

      • jun

        nagpa-upgrade ako ng 5mbps, ndi pa nga daw available yung 10mbps until the end of nov. thats why it is not on the site! ndi pa sila handa para ibigay! kulang pa yung hardware nila!

        • limited locations lang ba?

          • jun

            now this sucks, i applied for the 5mbps last mo, then came to this, the plan revert back to 3mbps, pldt sucks! nakakainis, nakakatakot naman pa upgrade uli ng 10mbps baka next month ibalik uli yung plan sa 5mbps! parang patikim lang yung ginawa nila samin! yung nga lang same pa din yung bill sa 2mbps.

  • Edsar

    Sana bilisan din ang mga nasa plan 999 yung bundled and DSL + Phone line. Ang bagal kasi 384kpbs lang so that converts to 38kpbs DL speed.

    • plan 990 yun. hehehe… oo nga sana upgrade nila kahit one notch higher man lang mga plans nila. di na masaya 384kbps.

      • Edsar

        Ay sorry haha…

  • razorous

    I’m guessing this superb speed ain’t available outside ncr

  • jun

    yes it is available outside the metro! im from bulacan and the custrep affirmed to me that it will be available here by the end of nov.! but for now 5mbps is avilable!

  • jc

    Ordered this 2 weeks ago…I’m still wating